Friday, February 22, 2008

Review of my erotic novel Abundant Ministries

I just had to post this review.....

5.0 out of 5 stars Got Dayum...I couldn't keep my mouth closed, February 22, 2008
By A. Hernandez "Erotica Book Worm" (Boston, MA) - See all my reviews
Wow, OMG, No He Didn't and WTF, were the words that spilled from my mouth basically on every page. Like another reader said, don't let the title fool you, was right. Now, knowing the type of writer E is I was expecting it to be down and dirty, I got that and more. He never ceases to amaze me with his tact for getting you to feel like you're that fly on the wall, and many times I wish I was. This book explained allot of things that were left to my imagination from the 2 previous books Off da Chain Vol 1 and 2 in regards to his wife. At one point, before reading this book, was like geesh why he can't stand his ex-wife, she couldn't have been that bad. Well this answered any lingering questions I had. lol

There were many times on the train where I had to stop and re-read a section and check myself to make sure I just read what I did. lol I found myself becoming hot and bothered, as usual, laughing and just enjoying this book. I read it faster than I thought I would, but just couldn't put the book down. I had to force myself to stop reading so I could get some sleep. lol

Overall, as always I enjoy reading his work. He takes you there and back. Only thing I hate is when the story's over. I swear I go through withdrawal. Now I got to go out and get a book that somewhat comes close to his style and seek gratification from that. He has some suggestions of other authors so I'm gonna take him up on that.

Thanks E, much love and I promise not to harass you about Off da Chain Vol 3 lmao.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Outline for Off the Chain Volume 3

Following, is the tentative outline of short stories that will be in Off the Chain Volume 3. OTC V3 will be released after my next novel Keisha which will be released in November of 2008.

But take heart OTC fans. I will be releasing each individual story throughout the year in ebook and 3" x 5" book format. So you can read each story separately as they are released or purchase the complete volume when it is done.

If you don't have Abundant Ministries yet stop sleeping on me and go out and get it. It's the hottest erotica that I've written to date so check it out.

Outline of short stories for Off the Chain Volume 3

Bring Two
Bring Two Mo
Bring 2 One Mo ‘gain
Easy : Strippers
Easier : White Girls
Easiest : Church Girls
Erotic Arts Ball
May the Best Woman Win
Moi Toi
Nose Wide Open
Open Letter : Why I’m Fucking Your Wife
Paying Dividends
Recognize Game
Revenge is Best Served Between Your Best Friends Legs
Ten Minutes and Twenty Seconds
The Things Women Tell Me
Weekend at Tuskegee