Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ghetto Girl Memoirs by Euftis Emery

Ignored by her mother and abused by her father Angela, (aka Angel Dust) learns at a very early age that she has a body that men will do and pay anything to get. This knowledge serves her well when she is kicked out to live on her own at sixteen with a baby.

Angel Dust shares her pain, failures, victories, lusts and loves in her ghetto girl memoir.

I met Angel Dust at one of my book signings in Indianapolis, Indiana. She came over to my table curious because she had never met an author. She asked me about my books, and after finding out that I wrote in the genera of erotica she was intrigued. She then asked for details on the stories and became very intrigued when I shared that they were reality based and not fiction.

At that point, she and I knew that we were kindred spirits. Explorers in the realm of experience. In other words…freaks. We shared some of our experiences and as we talked I realized that I had to have Dust’s story.

She ended up buying Off the Chain and I signed it with something nice and juicy. A couple of months went by and I got an email from Angel Dust. She told me that she loved my book and that she was going to run out and get all the other ones.

She wrote a wonderful review for me on Amazon and we kept in touch emailing each other every now and then. Two years went by and Dust asked me to review the rough draft of her first book that shared a bit of her life story.

After reading two paragraphs I was hooked and begged Dust to let me publish her work. However, encouraged to write about her experiences by reading my work, she was not as comfortable as I in publishing it.

Angel Dust wasn’t comfortable with me publishing her work but I didn’t give up. Each year I would ask and each year she would turn me down. Finally, instead of publishing her, I suggested that she let me buy the rights to her story outright and she agreed.

It took me six years to bring Angel Dust’s story to all of you… I hope you enjoy it.

Euftis Emery