Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ghetto fight at IHOP

Leave it to a loud mouth fat girl to start a fight at the local IHOP right after you just left the club. This bitch started a straight up riot. Wonder what that was all about?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

It don't count as cheating if...

I was in a conversation with two friends discussing the character Cocoa, in my book Off the Chain Volume 2. Our conversation revolved around Cocoa's opinion that you could have sex with someone else and...technically...not be cheating as long as you didn't….have an orgasm.

That's right. You can be in a relationship with someone and go out and have intercourse, oral sex…whatever …and as long as you don't cum…you're not cheating.

I rolled on the floor in laughter as my friends (who are female of course) stated that although they didn't agree with Cocoa's rule, they did feel that there were some exceptions to cheating and they rattled them off to me.

It don't count if the person you cheat with lives in a different zip code.
If don't count if the sex ain't good.
It don't count if your boyfriend is out of town.
It don't count if you're out of town.

Amazed with this female mindset, I took the question to my Google group and asked my members if they felt there were some things that…didn't count… in regards to cheating.

Following is what I got back (only the women replied by the way).

It don't count if:
You don't get caught.
He has no skills.
He's your ex.
He doesn't lick it right.
He don't have the motion to rock ocean.
He cums before he even sticks it in.
You don't take off all your clothes.
You can't feel the dick!
You don't cum.
Different area code.
You don't insert body parts (but you can insert anything else ).
You don't kiss.
You just get fingered.
If you live upstairs and he lives downstairs.
They don't make you cum.
If he rushes it.
If he don't pound it good.

My favorite comments are as follows:

It don't count if I don't want it to count!
It don't count the minute he walks out the door!
It don't count if your boyfriend brings a friend and his friend fucks you better!
It Don't count if you knew the person you cheat with before the person you were with...unfinished business ...don't count!

As I stated earlier in this article, only the women replied and you see their answers. This lets me know…that there are a whole lotta women…cheatin'… and then cuddling up next to their lover with no remorse. Because in their mind…what they did…don't count.



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Sunday, January 2, 2011

...a woman is stupid if she has a woman that she knows is a ho...

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"Just as a woman is stupid if she has a woman that she knows is a ho around her 

man.  A man is asinine if he has an unrepentant doggy dog around his 

woman. "


Quote for Off the Chain by Euftis Emery



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