Sunday, May 3, 2009

Club Onyx

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I’ve had the opportunity to check out Club Onyx and I must say that I’m very impressed. The first thing that I’d like to mention about the club is the security. Before you can even drive into the parking lot you’re stopped by armed security that checks your glove compartment and trunk for drugs and weapons. So don’t drive to the spot dirty.

Once you get past the security in the parking lot you then have to get a pat down before you walk through the door and walk through a metal detector. Security is tight because they had to deal with a lot of shootouts in the parking lot. So forget all the bad press you heard about the spot because they have things under control now.

Onyx is huge with a bar and billiards area in the front and the strip club in the back. I walked into the spot around 1am and the house was crunk. I walked into the club area and was caught dead in my tracks as I took the huge club in.

They were runnin’ about forty girls deep with a large stage in the middle of the room with two smaller stages at the opposite ends. I had to search for a seat (fyi get in before midnight and finally found one available in a less than ideal spot.

After I sat down I let my eyes take in the eye candy and was treated to ass stacked on top of ass! If you love ass Onyx is the spot to be. They try to keep things pretty fresh in the spot with a rotation of 30% of the girls coming in from out of town and the rest of the girls being local.

The local girls are st8 pullable if you got some game and if you don’t have game the majority of the out of town females are available for take out. Table dances are $10 with VIP dances running $20.

The VIP is just a raised area off the mail floor with no privacy so don’t waste your money ‘cause you can get away with as much on the main floor as you can in the VIP for half the money.
There is literally something for everyone at Onyx but my personal favorites are Platinum and Ms. Erica.


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She’s by far my favorite. Sexy, sweet, nasty and as you can see BANGIN’! Platinum truly enjoys her work as an erotic entertainer and her sweet disposition will win you over much before you really notice how well she’s shaped up and when you do take her fully in you’ll be hooked.

Ms. Erica

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One work amply defines Ms. Erica. Sexy. She sexy and she knows it but I ain’t mad at her. Erica lacks the communication of Platinum but her lap dances are fire. She is one of the handful dances that has ever gotten my dick hard from a lap dance.

If you’re in Charlotte be sure to check out Club Onyx.