Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kobo is Amazon's only Global Competition

Kobo is one of my favorite distributors that I hope to drastically increase sales volume with in the near future.


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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Noni - The Story of a Nympho by Kimoko Z Lee


Noni - The Story of a Nympho by Kimoko Z Lee



I downloaded this book because of the big booty chic on the cover who was getting busy licking a lollipop.  The joy with this book ended right there.   My problem with this work outside of much needed editing was the language which was completely written in hood slang and Ebonics.


Now although I am black and like most black folk I'll interject some slang in everyday conversation, I don't communicate with it like it's another language.  Because it's not a language.  That's why it's called...slang.


Kimoko not only uses slang as the primary language used by the characters in the book, the entire book is written in slang.  I read a review where the author was praised for totally ignoring spelling and grammatical rules, however, in my mind there is a point when "keepin' it real" goes bad and this is it.


I agree with Chris Rock when he talks about how he loves black people but hates niggas.  I agree with Chris because niggas pull down the overall race.  They pull us down because they are dumbed down.


They are dumbed down because they lack the language to communicate complex thoughts, feelings and concepts.  People who communicate in Ebonics can express a feeling (I.e., you trippin') but they can't express...why...they feel a certain way.


That's why when you hear a bunch of niggas talking loud  to each other you hear a lot of na'mean and na'sayin.  Because they lack the language to fully express what they are thinking.  So you hear a lot of talking but they are saying nothing.


Someone whose language is Ebonics will never write a speech that will inspire people like Dr. King's, "I have a dream".


Someone whose language is Ebonics will never write a poem to uplift its people like Maya Angelo's, "I rise".


Someone whose language is ebonics cannot write fiction that will arouse, amuse or entertain you.


However, if the primary words in your vocabulary are deez, fo'rel, dat, aight, or teef.  Then this book is for you.



Euftis Emery