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The Velvet Rope by Brenda Thomas #erotica #ebooks #reviews #eroticareviews



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Grimy #erotica #eroticstories #ebooks

People are creatures of habit. If you watch someone long enough, you will discover the routines that they are trapped within and you can time some of their actions like clockwork. Case in point. At 5:36pm, Cocoa’s car zips around the corner and proceeds to the end of the cul-de-sac where I am parked patiently waiting for her. Cocoa is always home at 5:30pm after work, give or take ten minutes.

I get out of my car and proceed to her front door as she pulls into the driveway. She gets out of her car looking at me with a mischievous expression on her face. I know that she is somewhat irritated that I popped by unannounced, but I also know that she is turned on by the fact that I would sit parked outside of her house waiting for her to get home.

“I want you to know, if anyone other than you came over here with this… unannounced shit…a sista would be going off right about now!” Cocoa barked at me still smiling.

“I’m just feeling a little…grimy…today dear. I won’t be long,” I responded matter of fact not apologizing for my actions.

Cocoa’s smile gets broader as she heard my comment and saw that I had that…look…in my eye. It’s a look that she is all to familiar with. A look that says that I want to do something dirty. Outside the norm. Something only two conspirators who have pledged to each other to ride or die could talk about. “I’m just sayin‘…what if I just popped up on you?”

“I would either open the door or I wouldn’t,” I replied grasping her elbow and escorting her to the front door.

“Haaaaa…” she protests feebly as I get a step behind her so that I can look at her ass in the long, black, straight skirt that she is wearing. “Don’t…be makin‘…a habit…of this mister!” she tells me giggling a bit looking over her shoulder at me.

I don’t comment and we walk into her house with me closing the door behind us. It’s uncharacteristically quiet because her sister has not arrived home from work yet with her son and Cocoa’s daughter. Being the creature of habit that she is, Cocoa’s sister normally does not make it home until a little after 6:30pm.

We proceed to the basement which is Cocoa’s area of the house and I lay back on her bed and watch her undress to get into something more comfortable. She turns back to me and slowly peels off her long skirt. She makes a show of it. Jiggling her ass and bending at the knees. She knows that shit makes my dick hard. She then removed her panty hose, making even more exaggerated ass movements. I silently unbutton and unziped my pants and pull my dick out. She then slowly peels off her underwear and before they could hit the floor I got off her bed hugging her waist and sliding my dick under her ass and between her thighs.

“Ugggghhhhhhh….” she moans dropping her head back on my shoulder squeezing my hard dick between her legs longing for me to stick it in her. “Let…me…freshin’ up a bit…sweetie...” she moans as I pick her up by the waist and shuffle carrying her into the bathroom.

“You don’t need to freshin’ up for what I want,” I reply sitting her on the toilet. “Me freshing up…is not for you... I know what you want…” she replied staring at my hard dick which was inches from her lips. She did what I expected, and sucked Sergio furiously, trying to take my orgasm from me quickly. I let her suck it for a bit and then discreetly looked at my watch to note the time. 5:51pm. I pushed her back forcefully against the toilet and began to take off my pants.

“Baaaaaaaaaby! We don’t have time for all of that!” Cocoa exclaimed alarmed. I ignored her. I took off my shoes and pants and then pulled her off the toilet taking her place sitting on it with my legs spread. Cocoa tried to get on her knees to suck it again, but I stopped her, spinning her around so that her butt was facing me.

“Baaaaaaaby! Just let me suck it! We don’t have time for that! What time is it anyway?”

She gets frustrated as I continue to ignore her and clasp her biceps, forcefully pulling her down and impaling her on my dick. “Baaaaby…” her protests become feeble as I hold her waist with both hands and coax her to bounce on my dick.

All of her protests soon stopped and I continued to let her ride me until I felt her wetness get creamy which signals that she had an orgasm. I discreetly glance at my watch again. 6:06pm. I stood up, carrying Cocoa to her feet as well. “I’ve had enough of this sweet shit!” I thought. It was time to get physical.

“Baby! Now that’s enough!” Cocoa cried trying to run knowing that I wanted to pound it. I continued to ignore her locking her arms again above the elbow and forcing her to bend over.

Loud slaps bounced around the perimeter of Cocoa’s small bathroom as I repeatedly slammed the lower half of my two hundred and twenty pound frame mercilessly into her body.

“Slap…slap…slap…baby…slap...please…slap…I…slap…slap…slap…slap…slap…I’m cuming…slap…slap…I’m cuming…slap…slap…I’m cuming… baby…slap…slap…slap… slap!”

I pull out of her, giving her a brief respite and push her out of the bathroom into her bedroom. “Get on the floor!” I demand and Cocoa lays down on the cool tile floor obediently now oblivious to the time. I mount her, pinning her arms to her sides and pound her into the hard floor. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaa!” Cocoa screams in pleasure.

“Ahhhhhhh yeaaaaaa! Ahhhhhhh yeaaaaaaa baby! Ahhhhhh yeaaaaaa!” After going caveman on her for a bit, I glance at Cocoa’s alarm clock and see that it is now 6:11pm and I decide that it’s time to get my nut. I tilt my body to the left, carrying Cocoa’s body with me and palm her right ass cheek with my right hand. I tilt my body to the right, carrying Cocoa’s body with me and palm Cocoa’s left ass cheek with my left hand. With a strangle hold on her ass, I then pump and grind with wild abandon focusing only on my pleasure.

Cocoa watches my intensity wide eyed. “Damn baby! Damn! Ohhhh damn! Fuck it! Fuck this pussy baby! Fuck…it! Damn!” as I stick and move getting all parts of her pussy.

I grind deep, throwing all my hips into her and fill the pussy up with three days of backed up cum. “Sssssssshaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” is the only utterance that I make as I give it up.

“Ahhhhhh yeaaaaaaa! Ahhhhhhh…yes…baby! Yes!, Cocoa screams with me in unison. I release, and disengage from her like nothing happened and begin to put my pants back on. I glance at my watch. 6:17pm. Cocoa sits on the floor and catches her breath. She pushes a lock of hair away from her face and looks at me with a slight smile on her face. I pause and stare at her. I love that look in a woman’s eyes. It’s the glazed eyed look of a woman who has cum more times than she can count.

Cocoa glances over at her alarm clock as I begin to put my shoes on and explodes… leaping off the floor. “Shiiiiiiiiiiit! Euftis! Shit!”

I get up to leave and Cocoa takes two steps towards me and then stops and looks down because now that her center of gravity has changed, my pent up semen begins to run down her legs.

“Shit! Euftis!” she exclaims again and runs to the bathroom not noticing the drops of cum on the tile floor that follow her like a path of bread crumbs. Her room smells like Budussy (booty, dick and pussy), her mouth and pussy has the taste of my semen, my cum is running from between her legs staining the floor, and her skin is mixed with my heat and hers. My job here is done. I walk up the steps, leave her house (not bothering to lock the door), and get in my car.

At 6:23pm halfway down the cul-de-sac a red Explorer turns onto Cocoa’s street. Our vehicles head towards each other and for several seconds we can look into each others cars as we pass. I glance over at Cocoa’s man nonchalantly without showing a hint of recognition. “Sup?“, I nonverbally say to him quickly lifting my chin. He stares at me curiously, wondering who the hell I am and why I am looking at him.

As I said before, people are creatures of habit. Cocoa’s man is usually at her house by 6:20pm. Luckily, he ran a little late today. “I cut it real close this time,” I thought watching Jerome pull into Cocoa‘s driveway in my rear view mirror. I told Cocoa that I was feeling grimy. Too bad I failed to mention that it was my intention to make her a victim of one of our secret games. I idly wonder as I turn off Cocoa’s street how she will explain herself…this time.

Wet Again


At last his breathing slowed. “God, that was wonderful,” he said.

“Mmmmmm….” Her voice was almost a purr, her face still buried in the pillow. “Oh, yes, it certainly was. Mmmmmm…”

He had been on his knees, behind her, but now he dropped down beside her on the bed. Her ass was still raised high, and she stretched her legs out and laid on her stomach. He propped up on one elbow. She felt his hand rubbing her back, his fungers sliding through the thick cum all over her back.

“I love the way you look,” he said. “I love the way this looks… thick, white cum, all over your sexy dark skin…”

“You gonna take a picture of that, too? I think you kinda forgot about the camera once you got into a good rythym.”

“I do get distracted, don’t I? But I think the photos I took are going to be very, very nice.”

She put her hand on his chest, and could feel that his heart was still racing. “I know you probably need to go soon,” she said. “But you’re so messy now. Do you want to take a shower?”

“That depends. Are you going to join me?”

“Of course,” she said.

* * * * *

He was first into the shower. The water was perfect: hot, but still comforting. As she stepped through the shower door, he could see her reflection in the mirror. Her body was stunning, and he could see his cum slowly dripping down her back, dripping down between the cheeks of her ass.

She took his hands and placed them on her hips, and he pulled her body next to his. She leaned into the flow of water, wetting her hair, and he was struck by how dark her hair was: jet black, so black that he couldn’t picture anything darker, and yet the water seemed to make it darker still.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he said.

She smiled and wrapped her arms around him, then kissed him. Suddenly he felt his heart quicken. He moved his hands across her hips, around to her ass, rubbing her.

“You know,” she whispered, “You made me all messy. Don’t you think you ought to help me clean up?” She ducked her head under the flowing water, then playfully flicked her head, splashing water on his cheek. She grabbed a bottle of body wash and handed it to him. “Here,” she said. “Let’s start here…” She turned around, facing away from him, arching her back. “Am I all messy?”

“Ohhh, yes….” he said.

Her voice, in reply, was teasing: “Mmmmm… yes, I bet I’m very messy.” Then she the tone changed, became low and seductive: “It’s your fault I’m messy, isn’t it? You were fucking me with that big, hard dick. You were screwing my tight little pussy, and then you came all over me, didn’t you?”

He drew a deep breath and bit his lip, involuntarily. “Mmmm, yes, I did.”

“You liked it, didn’t you? You liked banging me doggy style. You liked the way your cock felt inside my hole, didn’t you?”

He began rubbing the body wash on her back. “God, yes, ” he said. “I loved it…”

“Mmmmm, I liked it, too,” she said. “I liked hearing you moan while you pumped in and out. I liked feeling your balls slap up against my clit…”

She reached back with one hand, and began rubbing his balls. She could feel the shaft of his cock brush up against the back of her hand, and could tell that it was growing hard.

“You loved fucking my tight little pussy… and you loved looking at it, didn’t you? You loved watching you cock slide in… vanishing inside my body… and you loved seeing my pussy stretch open around you, didn’t you? And you loved looking at my ass.”

He felt her hand wrap around the shaft of his cock, felt the hot water splashing over their bodies, heat and steam and wetness, enveloping them.

“You and your little camera,” she teased. “You loved it, didn’t you? You loved looking at my pussy and my ass… you loved watching me get fucked. You loved seeing your dick inside me. And you loved taking those pics, didn’t you? I bet you can’t wait to see them. I bet you’re gonna stroke your cock when you look at them. Naughty little boy… taking pics of my ass! You get off looking at my asshole, don’t you? And I bet you loved cumming all over me. I bet you love the thought that your cum is still dripping down my back, down my ass…”

“Mmmmm… you know me so well…”

“Fuck yes, baby,” she said. Then she said it again, emphasizing the first word: “Fuck yes.” Her hand was pumping up and down on his cock. “You want it to still be there, don’t you? You want your cum to be dripping down my ass, dripping down toward my pussy… and you want my pussy to be dripping, too, don’t you? Only you want that to be my own wetness… you want to see my juice dripping out of my hot little hole, and you wanna stick your finger in and feel it all over you skin…”

“I want all of that,” he said. “And I want so much more…”

She turned to face him and dropped to her knees. “I bet you want this,” she said, and she slid his hard cock into her mouth.

He moaned loudly and fought the impulse to close his eyes, because he loved seeing her. Her thick, dark lips puckered around the shaft of his cock, sliding up and down. She sucked hard, drawing her cheeks in. “Oh god…” he muttered. He ran his slipped his fingers into her wet black hair.

“Oh, god…” he said again. He could feel her tongue, lapping aggressivly back and forth over the head of his cock. He gripped her head gently and pulled her back. “You have to let me have a turn,” he said. She smiled and stood up, then leaned back against the wall of the shower and spread her legs.

“Mmmmm, you go, baby.”

He knelt slowly, the water splashing over both of them as he kissed her lips, then her neck, then her breasts. Then he dropped to his knees and pressed his face into her crotch.

“Oh, lick it, baby,” she said. It was the last thing she spoke clearly: As his tongue pressed hard against her clit, she began to moan, a long, low, soft moan.

He looked up at her and saw that she was looking down at him; their eyes locked in pure pleasure, pure excitement. Back and forth, over her clit, in and out of her pussy. With one hand, she was rubbing her breasts; with the other, she held the back of his head, pressing his face against her. Her breaths grew shorter and shorter, until they were a series of quick gasps. Then, suddenly, she began to cry out, and he felt her other hand grabbing his head, pressing harder and harder, and suddenly she cried loudly, very loudly, and he felt the pressure of her body against his face and realized that she had lifted her feet clear of the floor, pressed tightly beteen the wall at her back and his face between her thighs.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh god,” she groaned. “Oh oh ohhhhhhh my fucking god,” and suddenly she was laughing, and his arms were around her. She brought her feet back to the floor and sighed. “Oh, fuck, that was soooo nice,” she said.

“Oh, you think I’m done? No, not quite,” he said. “You know what I wanna do, don’t you?”

She laughed. “Fuck, yeah, I know what you wanna do. And I fucking like it!” she said. She moved to the center of the shower and turned away from him, then bent over. “Go for it, baby,” she said.

“God, you look so fucking good,” he said. He slid his hands up her thighs, to her ass, and spread her open.

“Mmmmm, lick it, baby… do it…” she moaned, and suddenly she felt his tongue teasing her asshole, flicking back and forth.

“God, you are a fucking pervert,” she laughed. “And I fucking love it, because I am too!”


She let him lick her for a while, and she rubbed her tits, and her clit. Then she turned and dropped to her knees. “OK, boy… time to finish what I started. Feed me that cock, baby…”

He slid into her mouth, felt her sucking, licking, felt the cum rising inside his shaft. He knew he was about to cum, and he gently began to press her mouth away from him.

She shook her head no, and he could tell that she was giggling, even with her mouth so full. For one brief moment, she took his cock out of her mouth. “come on… cum in my mouth, baby…” Then her lips closed around him again, her tongue flicking the head, her fingers rubbing his balls. “Ohhhhhhhhhh god,” he groaned, and suddenly he was cumming, cumming in her mouth. She made a sound that was somewhere between a moan and a laugh, and then opened her lips, letting the thick load of cum pour out, down the shaft of his cock, down onto her tits, onto her thighs, all over. She scooped the cum up with her fingers and began licking them, laughing.

“God, that was wonderful,” he said.

“Deja vu…” she laughed. “Look, we’re all messy again.”

He smiled. “So I guess we have to start all over again, don’t we?”

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Out of the Darkness #erotica #bdsm #eroticstories #ebooks


Out of the Darkness an intense story co-written by me and Vanessa Vain.  It's a riveting tale of lust, bigotry and love.  This book was different for me as a result of the prevalent BDSM theme throughout the book.  However, if you've read my books you won't be disappointed with this one as the story is as detailed and complicated as my books and the sex scenes are scorching and you have my personal guarantee that it will leave you dripping wet.

So if you're looking for a good read while you're waiting for my next book to come out check out Out of the Darkness. 

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Rape Dream #erotica #advice #sexadvice


If you have a question for me, send an email with Daddy or some derivation thereof in the subject line.

Whose your Daddy?

Dear Daddy,

Today I started back my exercising regiment. I lost the little toning I had, so I went on the treadmill to jog. I've also ordered some of those Tai-Chi DVDs to help give me more flexibility.

So I'm working out in the gym when the security guy comes by and tells me its time to go. I look at my phone, not realizing the time. Ive been at the gym for a good two hours. My roommates will nag me about where Ive been this late at night.

I grab my things and start toward the door, I say goodnight to the guard and head out the gym. Its a little chilly and I wish that I had brought my jacket, instead of just wearing a sweatshirt and short-shorts.

I walk to my apartment complex and it's really dark and somewhat scary due to the trees blowing eerily in the wind but I'm used to it. I'm really anxious about what Im going to eat for dinner. For a college student I'm doing really with my eating habits.

I feel something behind me and I turn and look around but see nothing but a bunch of parked cars, apartment buildings and trees. I stand there for a moment and listen, nothing still. Shrugging my shoulders I keep walking and after a few feet more I again get the feeling like someone is watching me.

I pick up my pace and really start hurrying home forgetting how cold it is. I just want to get away from whoever is watching me. Seeing someone walking towards me I slow my pace and watch them closely since I'm not sure of their intentions.

The person approaches then passes and I stop to catch my breath and calm my racing heart. My breath is finally becoming steady and my heart has stopped its pounding, when I feel a hand slide over my ass and cup it. I gasp and the person tells me to shut the fuck up.

He says that I was asking for this because I was wearing my short-shorts. He slides his hand up and into my shorts and chuckles when he discovers I'm not wearing undies. He calls me a filthy slut and grabs my ass. I gasp and try to move away but he is too quick and strong.

He pulls me back against him and his hard cock pushes against my ass and his hand moves from my ass to cup my pussy. Im scared because I am about to be violated by a stranger!

I struggle harder against the man and he continues to restrain me seemingly without much effort. I'm panting and he laughs then pulls me off the sidewalk into the darkness between the trees. He pulls off my shorts and slides a finger in-between my pussy lips and groans when he discovers my piercing.

He tells me that Im a dirty whore for having my clit pierced. Then he slides a finger inside my pussy and I moan a little in pleasure. I bite my lip fighting back the uncontrolled feeling but its too late. He noticed and whispers into my ear that he likes how I moan.

He starts kissing my neck, and playing with my bra bound breast. His free hand slides under my shirt and cups my tummy, squeezing it and rubbing it. I feel his cock pulsing against my naked ass and then he pulls my shirt off as well.

I watch his hands as they roam my body and I moan again because he feels so good. He's touching me in all the right places and I don't have to tell him what to do. I hear a zipping sound and some rustling and I know he's undressing.

I turn and face him but I can't see his face...I just know he's white with a nice firm body. I look at his cock and smile. Its so fucking big and I wonder if I can fit it into my mouth.

I drop to my knees so I can suck him off and he pulls me back up gently by my hair and says, next time I just want a quick fuck right now. He pushes me against a tree and tells me to spread my ass cheeks for him. I do as he requests and I feel his mouth licking my ear as he slides his thick cock into my pussy.

It feels so good I start to forget I'm outside with a rapist fucking me. He yanks my bra straps down and uncovers my exposed nipples with his big hands. They pull and pinch, squeeze and tug as his dick slides in and out of me hard and fast. I'm moaning like crazy and I can hear him moaning in my ear.

He tells me how wet I am and how he loves the sounds I'm making. He's tells me his name and I open my mouth to tell him mine when suddenly I wake up. I'm in my bed, no sex, and no rapist.

I have tons of dreams like this, and I would like to know what they mean. Why is it that my daily life in my dreams ends up like this? And what should I do about it?



I love interpreting women's dreams when they are like this. Lets take a look and see whats going on in your subconscious. First lets identify the key elements in your dream. They are as follows:

Gym Darkness Being watched Pursuit Big Dick Rape Oral Sex

As Ive stated in previous dream interpretations that I have done, never take a symbol at its face value. This is what I think your dream is telling you. The first symbol in your dream was the gym and this indicates that you need to apply the things that you have learned and incorporate them into your daily life.

The darkness in your dream symbolizes that you need to keep your temper in check. You have the tendency let your emotions get out of control and lose your temper.

The being watched component suggests that you are feeling confined in your work environment or a personal relationship. You feel you are lacking a sense of privacy. While the pursuit aspect indicates that you are refusing to acknowledge a certain viewpoint or idea.

To see a penis in your dream signifies sexual energy, power, aggression, and fertility. To see and exceptionally large penis, suggests doubts and anxieties about your sexual drive and libido.

Dreams of rape are dreams of violence. As a dreamer, you may find yourself as an aggressor, victim, or spectator to the crime. In dreams of this nature, your role and feelings about the others in the event are crucial to understanding the meaning of the dream. If you have recurring dreams of being the victim of rape, you should try to determine if post-traumatic stress is a factor in your dreams.

If that's not the case, then the rape aspect could just denote your need to be desired. The fantasy provides an excuse for you to do the things that the rapist (i.e., your ego) really wants you do.

You also expressed a desire in the dream to, drop to your knees and suck him off To dream that you are giving or receiving oral sex signifies your willingness to give or receive pleasure. It is symbolic of your creative energy and reaffirms that you are headed in the right direction in life.

Without knowing your past I would venture that you are a tad bit at war with yourself dear but coming to the realization that you're a freak. If you're in a relationship with someone now you're dreams are telling me that they ain't givin' it to you like you want it. If they are capable then open your mouth and tell him how you want it. If he cant slang some dick then retire his ass and hire someone that can.

There is a very bad gurl in you that's just dying to come out and play. Let her. Stop repressing your true nature . If you see a dick that makes your mouth water...suck it. See a dick you want to fuck...fuck it.

Stop waiting for a rapist to come take that pussy, slap that phat ass and call you a bitch. You know you want it. Go out and get it.

Whose your Daddy?