Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Sexy Fetish of Cake Sitting

Posted by Jose Gonzalez ON Nov 16, 2012 IN sex & recreation

Imagine, a beautiful girl with long silky hair and a seductive expression. She's standing over a delicious-looking cake. She runs her finger through the frosting. Then after slowly licking it off, she turns around suddenly and sits on the cake.

This might sound like a confusing dream, or possibly a nightmare if you're a baker, but it's actually a very specific fetish that the internet has given a voice: cake.

Cake sitting is a simple pursuit. In fact, I've already described the whole thing. A woman, clothed or not, walks up to a cake, and then sits on it. That's it. Sitting.

Apparently this new trend has even caught some celebrity attention with the likes of Christina Aguilera sitting on a cake during a photo shoot for an issue of OUT magazine. Although not quite the same as the many videos featuring women in thongs slowly lowering themselves onto a cake, but for some fans of cake sitting, it likely does the job quite nicely.

The origins of cake sitting are dubious, but it seems to be an offshoot of the food crushing fetish. Apparently the love of women sitting on cakes could not be confined to a mere footnote in the sprawling category of food crushing; food crushing itself being a subcategory within the crush fetish. Is it getting confusing yet?

Let's just stick with cake sitting. As you might expect, cake sitting porn is typically a video, sometimes completely innocuous and perfectly suitable for the stuffy YouTube standards. A few feature unclothed women, and it does seem to always feature women, but the squishing and the mess are the primary focus of cake sitting.

Probing the unguarded minds on various web forums reveals heated debates over which cakes are best for sitting on, some popular choices are egg custard and black forest. Anything with frosting and fruit is apparently a bonus. I have no idea why.

Now, to be completely clear, we are discussing cakes here. Not pies, tarts, or cupcakes. According to some cake sitting enthusiasts, crushing a cake has a special naughty appeal. Many fans of watching cake sitting also like practising it themselves. It's not just a spectator sport.

As silly as it seems, cake sitting seems completely harmless. Well, aside from possibly harming a perfectly good pair of pants. And maybe the feelings of a baker who put his or her heart and soul into the cake being so wantonly destroyed. Other than that though, it hardly compares to some of the crueler fetishes out there. Within the crush fetish category alone there are some truly dreadful examples.

But thankfully this isn't a problem for cake sitters. If that's a name that can be used. Even if I don't understand it, it's a part of the weird world of fetishes that the internet has gracefully pulled the cloth off of.