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Keep it in the Family (Progress Post)

Keep it in the FamilyKeep it in the Family by Euftis Emery
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For everyone that is constantly asking:

"When's the next book comin' out?"

"When's the next book comin' out?"

I'm going to do status updates on my future books here in Goodreads where I will share excerpts and different versions of the work while it is in progress.

This book will be out late October early November and will include an audio book in addition to other goodies that you can take advantage of on your shiny ebook devices.

Everyone with the exception of Amazon eReaders that is. My eBooks on Amazon will not contain audio books, links, pictures or video due to Amazon's arbitrary guidelines as to what constitutes a violation of their pornography and offensive content guidelines.

I will blog in detail while my eBooks on Amazon will not contain enhanced features. However, readers on Barnes & Nobles, GoogleBooks, Kobo, and Sony will be able to enjoy the enhanced features of my books as I intended.

In regards to my update on this book, I'm currently on page 89 and this book should be 130-150 pages.

I'm thinking about changing the title of the book because although there is a incestrial theme it is only a subplot of the overall story.

So I'd like ideas for ya'll on what you think I should call this new book.

"Off the Chain Volume 3" maybe? I don't know. What do you think?

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Romantic Retreat


From the moment you called me and told me about the place you were passing in your car on the way to O’Hare, I looked it up on the internet and saw how gorgeous it was; I wanted to meet you there.

We decided to meet at Serenity Springs in Michigan City, Indiana, a romantic get-away out in the rural area near a lake. The moment I see that smile on your face as you exit the plane, I know this will be the best weekend of my life. Both of us hug and squeeze one another so tightly, I can smell your perfume and it excites my soul.

‘Hi JJ, damn I have missed you? How long has it been?’

‘A little over a year, but it feels like much longer.’

The weather is nice for this time of year but we both are dressed sort of warmly. On the ride back to the resort we chat, slowly getting used to one another’s voice and that all important feeling. Soon, we arrive in the picturesque lake front, nothing but clear blue sky overhead with rolling hills of evergreens as far as the eye can see. Entering the lobby of the two story cabin, you become awe struck by the sheer elegance of the place, the huge, spiral, marble staircase and the massive chandeliers all making the roar of the flame in the stone fireplace that much more enchanting. We take the steps up to our suite, it is magnificent. The foyer is two stories high with a chandelier and skylight high overhead. ‘How do you like it baby?’ I say.

“It is beautiful Randy. We have to come back here again.’ ‘Oh yeah, you know we damn sure do.’ The main floor is covered in a beautiful, light colored wood that leads to a sunken living room with oversized, rust colored leather chairs surrounding a fireplace with a thick lamb wool rug stretched out in front of it. To the far side of the room, you see an all glass wall that looks down this valley where a stream flows, a light fog hanging over the water below and off to the side and old mill with a water wheel that churns ever so slowly. As you drop your bags and stare off into the Indiana country side I pop open a magnum of champagne and walk up behind you. Sitting the goblets on the table, I unwrap your body from the coat, lay it on the chair and hand you your glass. Looking into one another’s eye, we make a toast, followed by a quick kiss, but it is not enough so we lock lips and arms and kiss so deeply in touches our spirits, out inner being…now we know this is right. ‘I love you so much JJ, I hope you know that.’

‘Yes, and you know I love you too.’

I take your hand and we ascend the staircase, up toe the next floor with a huge kitchen with a formal dining room and a breakfast nook of old world German woodcarvings. On the top floor we see the master bedroom with a huge four-poster bed with a silk canopy and cashmere bedcovers with beige and burgundy lace trim. The bed is so oversized and high, that they have steps on either side to get onto it. To the right is a sitting room, complete with a big screen TV, chairs, a bar and bookcase that covers two walls, all hardcover books that are classics. As we venture on we come to the bathroom, which even I have not seen before now. Opening the smoke tinted, double French doors onto a gray, black and marble palace. All the fixtures glisten of gold plating, in the center of the room, surrounded by four massive pillars sits a Jacuzzi almost large enough to swim in. The ledges around the Jacuzzi are covered with all shapes and colors of scented candles. To the left side is a thick carpet that leads to the 18 foot high, stone fireplace, with a waterfall to one side of it that falls onto a rock stream that runs around the base of the fireplace. The fire flickering and the water gurgling as it runs over the rocks. We turn and have one more, hot, steamy embrace as the sky outside begins to turn bright orange as the sun sets over the shimmering waters of the lake.

It’s almost time for us to have dinner then go out for a night on the town. Unpacking quickly as we strip down to me in boxers with slippers and a necklace, hoping you like what you see. You have on slide on heels with a short silk shirt that buttons down the front, but you left a few undone, just to expose some cleavage. The shower is in the corner opposite the fireplace, all glass, even the outside wall that hides us from view with a huge wall that is vein covered and has a gorgeous garden outside. So as the water flows over us we will be looking right at the outside garden on one side. We both slip out of out clothes as I bring a bottle of champagne and a couple of glasses with us, you have dimmed the lights and put on some Al Green and Teddy Pendergrass. The water is hot and steaming the glass enclosure of the shower, we touch and kiss, pulling one another close as the water cascades over out entwined bodies. The warmth of your breasts on my chest, the fullness of your hips as I wrap my arms around you, the touch of your fingers as they grace my spine and hard cheeks, excites us both. I kiss you and nibble your lower lip with my mouth. Using big sponges and scrungies we begin to lather one another, first with me and my hands pressing against the glass as you grind your wet bush against my bootie, your mouth kissing my shoulder as your hands reach around in search of my long, thick pole. I head you gasp when your hands make contact, feeling the thick base, tugging the slack balls from between my wet thighs. Both hands on it, one hand over the other like you are climbing rope, so stiff and rigid you can’t reach the tip with your arms stretched out and standing behind me. Gripping the thick shaft in the center, you bend it stand it up and pull it back toward my hard belly, now you can work your hands up and down it, feeling the texture of the hard muscle under the skin. Chocking it underneath the slanted, mushroom shaped head with one hand as the other strokes my belly; feeling the sparsely matted, wet hair until you get to the nest surrounding the balls. I pour more scented bath gel on the sponge and you begin to lather my wand and body, I lean my body forward and press my hands cheeks back into the pocket of your belly, hip and wet thighs, making you grind me back there, making you want me as you feel ten inches of thickness pulsing in your hands. I consciously make it jerk, squeezing my stomach muscles so it flexes in your hand. You grip it as tight as you can just behind the head and slide your fingers down the shaft as if to take ever wrinkle of slack from the dark skin. Then you put both hands around it and urge me to hump your hand, to make love to it the way I would to you. Looking down as your delicate fingers have that monster under control, I grunt and circle my hips as you skin it back, making the skin that was bunched around the base of the head slide back tight and shiny, then as I push it back through the fingers, the skin bunches back up until the head sits on a thick collar of dark skin, all wrinkled and meaty. Bending one knee so you can get your hand between my hard thighs to cup my balls, heavy and warm from the water and my hot juices boiling within them, ready to spew at your command.

Just as the first tremor makes my thigh quiver, I turn and face you, kissing you as you grip my rod and stuff it between your thighs, rubbing it down the center of your bush, I embrace you, my hands ravage your wet body as I want to feel every inch of you. The passion now burning in each of us, I hug you, bending your neck slightly back as you moan in my mouth, wanting to feel me inside you hot sheath. I grab the sponges and make love to your body with the thick lather of the scented gels, pulling and releasing the hard nipples, then licking then and sucking them with my hot mouth, gobbling as much of each tittie into my hot and hungry mouth as I can. You cradle my face to your heaving bosom as you urge me to take you right then and there. My hands probe the wet cheeks for an opening, fingers delving in to find that tight orifice, surrounded by the slick wet hair as you sense my touch exciting you. I slide my fingers from the wet bush covering the soft lips, back over that puckered circle, pushing my finger tip in the skin just around the edge of the circle to spread it open a little so hot water can tease it. Then sliding my fingers deeper between your thighs from the back I squeeze the lips, the phat soft lips, then side the shaft between them as I rub the lips on my stiffness. As the head goes from the front to the back it angles up and pokes the inside rim of your womanhood, your hands go to my shoulders as you anticipate my entering you. But it slips out and you grab for it to put it in, I stop you and push you against the glass wall, locked in a hungry kiss. Pinning you to the glass, I get to my knees and kiss your muff, your thighs gap open as I lick you, stabbing in search of your pearl, I make contact and press it with my tongue. Fingers slip into your tight channel, easily, tenderly as I feed on the nipples between your creamy lips. As you place your hands on my head, the water cascades over your face, down your hard nipples so it feels like you are being kissed and licked by a thousand tongues and mouths. The two finger twist deeper inside, your crevice welcomes them with a gush of creaminess from deep within, I lick it all up as I push your pearl in my lips and suck it, twirl it, pull on it until you want to explode so badly that you tremble every time you grind your hips in my face. ‘Oh shit Randy, you are gonna make me cum. Lick it, stick your tongue in my pussy. Yeah like that, ooooooOOOOO shit, ohhhhh shit! Here I cum babyeeeiiiii oh now lick my asshole!’

It’s too late for you to stop the flood, the dam breaks and your mouth opens as I look up and see your gorgeous face in the throws of passion, letting yourself go to me, giving yourself to me, I coax all of your strength from you with my mouth and fingers. I drink your nectar, swallowing every drop as your thighs part now, I feel the sinews in them quivering like taught rubber bands. Your body goes limp as the last orgasm saps you of all your strength. I stand and catch your limp body in my arms as we sink toe the floor, kissing, hugging, not wanting to let go.

We lie there for long moments before we get out and towel off. Dressing for an early dinner and a night out on the town. I dress in black slacks, black shirt and shoes as you put on a flowing black silk dress with a low cut back. One side is layered with a ruffled split, you can only see the ruffles beneath the split when it is open. You out on some high, strappy heels, knowing that turn me on. As you look into the mirror I take this opportunity to place around your neck the present I got you for our special day, a leather choker with a long thin, tub of silver that is crescent shaped. I hope you like it.

We have a drink as our car is pulled around. Getting into the S-Type Jaguar, black with heated tan seats, we drive off into the pitch black country night, around the steep curves and winding roads. I put on one of the CD’s that I made just for this night, it has Ruff Endz, Jodeci, Boys II Men, Joe, Jaheim, Tank, and other men. I want this to be the men’s tribute to you tonight. You slump back in the heated seat and look out into the starry night, relaxed and letting it all soak in. We drive for another 30 minutes until we get to Michigan City and the restaurant where we give the car to the valet and are escorted to our table. The room is very elegant as people arrive and are seated at various tables, candle highlight the atmosphere, flowers freshly cut decorate the center pieces. We are seated and order a bottle of wine and champagne. As appetizers we have shrimp cocktails and some of the best tasting buttery hot rolls. For the first course we have lobster tails stuffed with crab meat, followed in the next course by chicken grilled and layered on pasta with a white cream and garlic sauce with chalots. Desserts is German Black Forest Cherry cake as we sip the champagne and talk. Kissing in our intimate little corner until you take my hand and slide it under the table, slowly up your thigh over the top of the thigh high hose to cup the crotch of your silk panties. The moist panties slide to the side as I insert a lone finger to test your creaminess, satisfied as I put the hand to my lips to taste you. We look at one another, ask for the bill and head for the car. As we drive off, you reach to my groin and play with my hard rod, feeling it slide against the silk boxers, pinching the head until I feel wetness sticking to my naked thigh. By now you are beginning to unzip my fly, reaching in to take hold of the steel hard shaft, nuzzling the balls by rubbing them in the silk. With it folded in half you flip the head out as precum splashes on your wrist, you take it and wipe it al lover the head, chocking it up and down. Leaning over you kiss me and then bend down to take a long, slow lick of the head. My cheeks clinch and your suck the head, collapsing the hole in it, then sucking it dry and with a tight suction. As you suck and lick it you are jerking the skin down, then as your lips slide in an O shape down the shaft your fist is coming it until your clinched hand slaps wetly against your puckered lips. Then taking your mouth off you jerk me off fast and quick, then suck it and tongue the head some more. Then leaning back, opening your thighs as you pull the dress up and the split apart, you finger yourself in front of me. Rubbing the lace of the silk panties on that wet, warm coochie, your heeled foot in my lap until I flip the shoe off and you rub it on my hard pole. Toes teasing it as the warm skin rests on your naked foot while you bend it over with the sole. I cup your foot against its under belly and jack off with your foot rubbing it while watching the road and your teasing your swollen clit. I stop jerking long enough or each over and squeeze your cheeks and nudge your panties in your ass. Just as quickly as you started enticing me you sit up, adjust your clothes, put your show on and give me a wicked look. We roll up to the club, where we go inside as I try to hide my excitement. They have a mixture of Jazz, old school R&B and Reggae. For the next few hours we dance, talk and watch the people in the night spot. On those dances when we dance slow, I relish the feel of you body in my arms, like we were made just for one another. The touch of your cheek against mine, the way you smell, the way you hold me close as if to never let go. It’s like we are dancing in circles all alone under the flickering lights. By the time we leave it is a few hours before the sun will rise.

The ride back to the resort is quiet and brief, as you take of your helps and walk up the stairs. I stop in the kitchen to get some melted chocolate, strawberries and more champagne as you light the fire. I sit the tray on the warm floor beside the fireplace as you lie on the thick rug, looking so seductive. I crawl over you as you open my coat and shirt, my hands fumble for the front of your dress, feeling the nipples under the silk, as I support myself on the other hand. Your legs bend as you reach down to unbuckle my pants, rip the zip open and try to tug them down. I shimmy out of them as much as I can and you dig your toes in the waist of my boxers as we are like wild animals going after one another. I help you get my rod out as you pull back on it like you are trying to make it longer, loving how thick and hard it feels in your hand. Both our hands trying to get it to your opening. Rubbing the wet head on your silk panties, wetting them with the thick cream spilling from the head. It’s not wet enough so you push me onto my knees, take a hand full of hot melted chocolate and coat my rod with it, dripping and sticky and hot. You take it in your mouth, that sweet, chocolatly dreamcicle. Chocolate dripping down your face and hands as I work my hips in your face. As the brown goo drips you’re your chin and the corners of your mouth, it looks like I have a I shot a load of chocolate cum in your mouth.

You suck it clean and lie back fitting the head back to your crotch. Sliding the head inside the leg and feeling for the crease in the soft lips, getting it inside the wetness and fitting it inside the hole. Posing with my ass arched and pants and drawers around my thighs, your take your nipples out and feed them to me as I sink my torpedo in your tight tube. As it stretches the walls and slides through their slick secretions, I have my mouth full of nipple so your lips open like you are about to scream. Nipples being loved with hot licks and sucks and your passion pit being filled with a thick, hotness that you have so craved. So thick it pushes everything inside you, lips, folds and all. Your heels catch me just behind my thighs and you grind up to me. I pull out and hold it steady then go back in on a slick carpet of cream. Your nails rake my back as you bite your lips and feel the shaft making the folds of skin massage your clit. I cup your soft cheeks right where the silk panties cut into them, the feeling of silk and your naked skin on further excites me as I drive ramrod you deep while pulling you up to my spike. I can feel the juices bubble over your lips and grease my pole, the lips lathering it with more wetness. I am pushing and pulling it your pink skin in and out in a rhythm that brings you more joy and pleasure. Out clothes completely disheveled as you force my jacket off one arm as I rest on the other, then take it off the last arm. I keep riding you as you take me and milk me of my seed. Your fingers dig into my cheeks and you gasp loudly as I am sinking my complete shaft just as you explode all over it. The walls inside contract on it, trying to hold onto the stiffness, your thighs lock around me but I buck and thrust. The force of my thrusts stimulating you and taking you to a higher plane. You can feel it pushing inside you, the rhythm of it squishing and sinking into your hot pick opening. You can feel the heat of it rubbing inside your body, you can feel the life in the way it pulses and throbs and beats inside you. My mind is intoxicated with the fevered pitch of your voice in my ear. Clothes torn off, dress pushed back to expose naked flesh, hands groping and scratching as your back is curved as I rock you with each deep push of my pipe. As my rod pushes into your depths, I feel the lips folding in, a tight tuck as they come in around my shaft and squeeze your clit, as I jab in and out quickly. On my toes and hands with my body suspended above you giving you all that hot, meaty flesh…I lunge one last desperate time and unleash a geyser of thick juice inside you. The warmth spreads throughout your passion pit like stepping into a hot, sudsy bath. Again I lurch down with my curved pole and spew streams of cream deep in you. So much cream it overflows and runs between your cheeks saturating the silk panties as it soaks up the milky gel. I feel your walls quiver, you feel my rod twitch, your lips and clit throb, my balls and muscle spasm. Kissing and biting lips as we smell like sex, your heels clutching me to make me leave all of my juices inside you, give you every drop. We lie there with me inside you unable to move from the sensitivity where we are joined. Once we are able to move, I back out and out flows a river of whiteness down your smooth cheeks, a strand of juice swings from my rod to you’re swollen pink lips.

We undress and get into the frothing Jacuzzi, you pour champagne over your lips and I lick it ass it drizzles between your tits. Then you pour it over your nipples and I lap the cold liquid off your hard nipples. You reach into the hot water and hold my pipe stiff and straight as you mount me again. I take your cheeks in both hands and we begin to splash in the water. You sit the bottle down and take your fingers and dip all of them into the vat of melted chocolate. This time my head is thrown back as you entice me into licking your fingers of the sticky, hot goo. Yes, oh yes ride it, sucking those hard nipples, first one then the other, so crazed I am moaning trying to get both in my mouth at once as I spank your cheeks. Open and close them as I grip them firmly while the jets shot hot water between them into your puckered bulls-eye, massaging it as I massage your clit with your in my lap riding me.


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I want...


I want her to suck my cock…

Sometimes stray thoughts take control of me. Under normal circumstances — that is, if we define “normal” as my typical level of perversion —I prefer giving oral sex to receiving. There is something so wonderful about tasting a woman… about hearing her sigh as my tongue dances back and forth across her clit, across her lips…


Right now, at this moment, I’m thinking of one woman in particular, and I’m thinking of one sexual act.

I want her to suck my cock. And I want that for a purely visual reason. It’s about her skin… her dark, smooth, perfect skin. I want her in front of me, naked, on her knees. I want to feel her lips on my cock, I want to feel my cock disappearing into her mouth. I want to feel her warmth and her wetness. I want her to suck me. I want to feel her mouth sliding up and down, licking, sucking the head of hard cock, I want to feel her fingers caressing my balls. I want to look down and see her hair falling over her shoulders, I want to feel it brushing against my thighs as she sucks me. I want her to be voracious… I want her hungry, I want her to burn with the desire to consume me, to consume my erection. I want her to long for my cum… and I want her to make me cum.

I want that for the simplest reason: I want to see. I want this:

As she sucks and licks and teases me, as I feel the cum rising in my balls, straining to burst out of my cock, as her lips squeeze together around my shaft, around my head… as she brings me close, so close, until I can’t resist, until I have to cum…..

I want to take my cock out of her mouth. I want her to grab the shaft of my cock and pump, pointing my cock at her tits, because I want to cum on her. I want to see it…

I want to feel it, yes, I want her to hear me moan, I want to know that it pleases her… but I want to see it, I want to see my cum, bursting out, exploding, spraying, squirting, spilling out of my cock, all over her , delicious tits, all over her fucking hot tits, all over her dark nipples and delicious skin… I want to see my cum, thick, hot, white hot, so white against her skin… I want that, I want to see the contrast of my milky white cum, dripping off of body, dripping from her nipples, streaming down her chest… my white cum, her body… together… pleasing… so perfect…


I want...

<p><img src="http://euftis.com/img/suck.JPG" alt="" width="500" height="750" /></p>
<p>I want her to suck my cock&hellip; <br /><br /> Sometimes stray thoughts take control of me. Under normal circumstances &mdash; that is, if we define &ldquo;normal&rdquo; as my typical level of perversion &mdash;I prefer giving oral sex to receiving. There is something so wonderful about tasting a woman&hellip; about hearing her sigh as my tongue dances back and forth across her clit, across her lips&hellip; <br /><br /> But&hellip; <br /><br /> Right now, at this moment, I&rsquo;m thinking of one woman in particular, and I&rsquo;m thinking of one sexual act. <br /><br /> I want her to suck my cock. And I want that for a purely visual reason. It&rsquo;s about her skin&hellip; her dark, smooth, perfect skin. I want her in front of me, naked, on her knees. I want to feel her lips on my cock, I want to feel my cock disappearing into her mouth. I want to feel her warmth and her wetness. I want her to suck me. I want to feel her mouth sliding up and down, licking, sucking the head of hard cock, I want to feel her fingers caressing my balls. I want to look down and see her hair falling over her shoulders, I want to feel it brushing against my thighs as she sucks me. I want her to be voracious&hellip; I want her hungry, I want her to burn with the desire to consume me, to consume my erection. I want her to long for my cum&hellip; and I want her to make me cum. <br /><br /> I want that for the simplest reason: I want to see. I want this: <br /><br /> As she sucks and licks and teases me, as I feel the cum rising in my balls, straining to burst out of my cock, as her lips squeeze together around my shaft, around my head&hellip; as she brings me close, so close, until I can&rsquo;t resist, until I have to cum&hellip;.. <br /><br /> I want to take my cock out of her mouth. I want her to grab the shaft of my cock and pump, pointing my cock at her tits, because I want to cum on her. I want to see it&hellip; <br /><br /> I want to feel it, yes, I want her to hear me moan, I want to know that it pleases her&hellip; but I want to see it, I want to see my cum, bursting out, exploding, spraying, squirting, spilling out of my cock, all over her , delicious tits, all over her fucking hot tits, all over her dark nipples and delicious skin&hellip; I want to see my cum, thick, hot, white hot, so white against her skin&hellip; I want that, I want to see the contrast of my milky white cum, dripping off of body, dripping from her nipples, streaming down her chest&hellip; my white cum, her body&hellip; together&hellip; pleasing&hellip; so perfect&hellip; <br /><br /></p>

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Prometheus now available on Instant Video #movies #scifi #geekshit

Prometheus is now available on Amazon Instant Video.  Watch it now on your Kindle Fire.  Be in geek overload like me though if you have a Kinlde HiDef or iPad!


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Santiago, Dominican Republic - A Black Man's Guide to Getting Laid

I went to Santiago for my birthday in March/2012 and I’d like to detail my experience from a black man’s perspective. After reading Sly’s datasheet on Santiago at Roosh forum when I was doing research on my trip, I decided to do some leg work upfront before I went since I wasn’t fluent in Spanish.

So I got online and met a couple of females that I could go out with when I got there. Since I approached them online, I used Google Translate to talk to them in Spanish and translate their responses into English every time that I chatted with them.

So when I got into Santiago a couple of months later I checked into Hodelpha Centro Plaza.


The hotel sits on the corner of Calle Del Sol which is the main drag downtown and it has decent amenities for a hotel in Santiago. If your plan is to post up when you get there then Calle Del Sol is good spot to do it…if…you don’t stand out. I’ll expand on that later.

My first day there I have to admit that I was flat out uncomfortable because I felt like I was under a microscope.

I deliberately dressed down the wardrobe that I carried down there because I wanted to blend in. That didn’t happen. With one look, Dominican’s knew that I was an American. For example, the morning of my first day, I sat in the lobby and watched the women walking down Calle de Sol and how the Dominican men reacted to them.

A Panamanian that was staying in the hotel walked in the door and spoke to everyone in the lobby in Spanish and then looked at me sitting in the back and said in English, “Hey man! How’s it goin’!”

I never met him or said a word but with one look he knew that I was an American. He asked me why I was in Santiago and after I told him women and he then began to run down what was up. I have to confirm with Sly that your best time will be had if you know someone down there that can give you the lay of the land.

I have a friend down there that helped me but if you don’t know anyone just be open and friendly and there are plenty of locals and out of town players that will befriend you. I met players there from the US, Canada, Europe, and Latin American and all of them were open and willing to share info since they were there for the same thing that I was…pussy.

Anyway, while I was talking to dude two blonde, white Latinas walked by the hotel and all of the Spanish speaking men collectively lost their fucking minds. Calle Del Sol is the main drag downtown and tons of gorgeous almond and brown skinned chicas strolled by earlier and the Hispanic men never turned their heads.

But when these two white bitches strolled by they all collectively lost it. So I quickly discovered that the ideal (for them) is white. However, they like them supa thick like most brothas in the states with big tits, hips and ass.

What that means is that there is a huge untapped (pun intended) market of colored women who are not getting play like the white Latinas.

Exploit it!

So these two white bitches walk by and dude is like, “…so you gonna get some of that while you’re down here?”

I replied that I wanted to sample darker, varying shades of the local pussy and dude literally turned up his nose. What amused me about his response was that he was dark as midnight and he was tripping that I was interested in fucking women who were not the complete opposite of him.

Which leads to my next observation about DR and the Latinos visiting from other countries. They are...prejudice…but they can turn it off.

What I mean by that is for example I live in Cincinnati and one day when I was walking home from work this white couple wearing jeans, t-shirts and tennis shoes were walking about five steps in front of me and they had the nerves to look back at me concerned every two minutes as if I had the intention of robbing them.

I was working for Procter & Gamble at the time so I was wearing a Hugo Boss suit, leather dress shoes and carrying a P&G issued briefcase and these fucks still had the audacity to trip.

All they saw was the color of my skin. They couldn’t turn it off even though my style of dress showed they need not be concerned and that my station was probably far exceeding theirs.

Domincan's on the other hand are prejudice but they can turn it off. This prejudice revolves around economics and they assume that the darker your complexion the less well-off that you are. So in my case those inclined to trip on a dark-skinned person would look me up and down and then…immediately…check themselves.

I found this refreshing.

With that said… Floss all your shit while there! Status is king in DR so if you got it… Floss it…

So dude continued to attempt to convince me to fuck white Dominicans while I was there and he said that Club Level was the spot to find them. I can’t confirm or deny that since I didn’t go but if you’re interested in white Dominicans check it out.

I continued to take in Calle del Sol for a while and then I left to meet one of the ladies that I was talking to online for lunch. She spoke decent English so I decided to get with her first. We talked about her divorce and why her husband was jealous and beat her and she told me flat out that she didn’t like Dominican men.

This in fact was the general theme with all of the women that I met in DR. That they didn’t like Dominican men because they felt that all they wanted to do was fuck, were jealous/violent and disrespectful.

I then asked her what she thought of Machismo and she went off getting real animated about how she hated it. I then knew that I needed to go at her and the other females I planned on seeing there on an old school courting a bitch perspective and not be as direct as I am in the states so that I would appear totally opposite to their view of Latino men.

So we finished lunch and I asked her out for a late dinner. She accepted, then I pulled out a bottle of perfume that I bought her before I came down and presented it as a gift. I don’t remember whose post I saw this tip on but I’m going to find your post and give you major cred points because…this was the best fucking advice about going to DR on the Roosh Forum site.

So I presented her with the gift and told her some bullshit about how I painstakingly searched for a fragrance that matched her style and beauty and I swear this bitch creamed her panties. So I bounced and went back to my hotel where my friend picked me up.

He showed me the lay of the land and bitched about the local politics and then we went over to his place to kick it because his girlfriend wanted me to meet one of her cousins who lived outside Bonao. So we chill for a bit, and the girl calls saying that she needs to be picked up from the bus station.

So my friend tells me and I think, “…pick her up from the bus station?” , and trip. I forgot where I was. So we go to the bus station and wait for her bus to get there and after about ten minutes I walk across the street to get some coconut juice from a street vendor.

I get my coconut juice and head back to my friend’s car and this chick with a do-rag on is standing next to it. So my friend introduces me but I really don’t look at her because I can’t get over that she rolled up on the bus and has a fucking do-rag on. Again, I forgot where I was.

So we go back to my friend’s place and he translates conversation between us because she doesn’t speak any English but I don’t have much to say because she’s…wearing a fucking do-rag.

Anyway, my friend’s girlfriend rolls up with an armful of groceries (I love how Dominican women take care of their man) walks in the door, sees her cousin and then starts going off on her in Spanish. Even though I don’t speak it, I understand much of it when I hear it so I knew that she was going off on her about her hair and she snatches her out of the chair and pulls her into the bathroom.

So they leave the room and I start going off on my friend about do-rag girl and he cuts me off and checks me hard. He explains that most people there don’t have a car and even if you do the roads are so bad that most people take the bus between cities to prevent damaging their vehicle.

He then explained that within a city public transportation consists of either a moped or car that runs a route like a bus. Since a moped only has one seat and a car four, several “buses” can go by before you can get a ride.

So a twenty minute trip for someone in the states could take forty-five minutes to two hours in the DR with public transportation which most people in the DR will ride because a taxi is too expensive for most of them.

He then told me that girlfriend had to catch two modes of public transportation then hopped a commercial bus to come and see me and that she had her hair wrapped because most women in the DR relax their hair like sistas in the states and travel that way because it takes so long that they don’t want to mess up their hair.

He then confirmed my idea of taking a courting approach with the women there when he said that the women there preferred dating foreigners to try to build a relationship because they felt with Dominican men it wasn’t a matter of…if…they…would leave them but…when.

With this bit of intel, I then realized that my best chance of repeated fucks would be to arrange for the women’s transportation. I had a dedicated taxi driver that I used exclusively (I highly recommend this) and I had him pick up and drop off all of my dates. I wouldn’t advise driving in Santiago but if you want to hit a chic repeatedly I’d strongly advise that you pick her up and drop her off if you don’t pay for her transportation.

Dully checked, the women eventually came out of the bathroom and I was like, “Ohhhh my damn”, after seeing girlfriend with her hair down. She was fione.

So I talked through my friend for a while and then the women prepared dinner. I didn’t eat that much because I was still full from lunch and planned on doing a late dinner with my online friend. My friend’s girlfriend was offended but I assured her that I really wasn’t a fan of pasta (she cooked spaghetti with shrimp which she felt was a big deal).

On a side note, I found the food in Santiago lousy in general. Their food is very bland. However, if you eat at someone’s house clean your plate if possible to not offend your host or bring a very nice gift to smooth things over.

So we chatted until girlfriend had to leave to catch the bus back to Bonao and before she left I set a date with her and presented her with a bottle of perfume and like the first chic she creamed her panties as well.

I then gave my friend’s girlfriend the free gift that I got with one of the bottles of perfume and she lost her fucking mind (I’m serious) and forgot that I didn’t eat her food.

So she left with her cousin and my friend took me back to my hotel.

I chilled at the hotel until the time got close to my date and then showered and changed. My driver picked up me up, then my date and we went to Marisco Center.


So we get to the spot, and a difference with Santiago women became quickly apparent. When I’m in the states with a date, I will walk behind her and place my hand on her hip to guide her in the direction that I want her to go.

So when I got out of the cab, I automatically did the same thing with my date and she was totally confused not knowing what the fuck I wanted her to do. So after several unsuccessful stops and starts, I finally just took her by the hand and…led…her to where I wanted to go.

So although Dominican women say that they don’t like Machismo they are hard-wired to defer and serve a man. So don’t give them an option. It will only confuse them. Just tell them what you want them to do. You’ll see what I mean as I expand on my dates.

I picked a secluded table on the terrace and after we said salute over our first drink she then starts thanking me again for the bottle of perfume and took it out of her purse in the fucking box telling me how I had good taste.

We chat through dinner and after we are done eating she starts up again about the perfume and how she loves how it smells on her. She then leans over into my space extending her neck asking me to smell her.

Now in the states I’d see that as an invitation to attack but with the language issues and different culture I wasn’t sure so I just sniffed at her neck and said, “muy bien”.

Then she asked me what I thought of her and I fed her some bullshit that I don’t remember. She then replied, “I think you are very handsome. Very respectful. And very shy.”

I thought, “Shy… Bitch, you do not know me.”

However, my reply was, “We’re in public so I’m being a respectful gentleman. After dinner, I’ll be more than happy to thoroughly disrespect you however you like.”

She looked at me confused and after several attempts to explain I finally just stated, “I’m a gentleman.”

My game contains a lot of innuendo and humor, but it flat out did not translate into Spanish. So if your game is similar don’t bother. Just keep it simple.

We finished dinner and then I took her inside where we lounged on a love seat that sat by a set of doors that led to the courtyard. In the courtyard they had a live merengue band which makes Marisco Center a good spot to eat, chill, or dance.

Although I enjoyed the spot, I was disappointed because I wanted to experience the different varieties of color but I quickly discovered that the more upscale the establishment the whiter the patrons became.

You need to keep that in mind if you’re on the prowl for pussy because most of the locals kick it by color. If you want a chocolate chick you need to know where the chocolate folk hang out. If you want a light brown chick you need to know where the light brown folk hang out. And so on.

So we got real cozy and eventually girlfriend made another statement about me being shy. I was like, “What the fuck?”, and asked her what she meant. We went back and forth because of language issues and eventually ended up on the subject of romance.

Girlfriend made a sour face and said, “Romance is okay every now and then but when its right people should just grrrrrrrrrrrrrr”, and she growled real cute and acted like she was grabbing someone.

I thought, “Ohhh so you want a black man to just take your shit!”

So I scooped her up and tongued her down a bit before telling her to call the taxi so I could take her back to the hotel and disrespect her just like I promised.

Which leads to my next observation, although Dominican women complain that all the local men want to do is fuck, fuckin’ is on their minds just as much. You just need to chill and work for it a bit and the panties fall right off.

The next day, my friend from Villa Gonzales came down to spend the day with me. I sent my taxi to pick her up and I had him take us just up the street to Pez Dorado for lunch.


I picked the spot because they had Wiifi so I could use my iPad to translate because girlfriend didn’t speak any English.

Also, since I couldn’t depend on my date to translate for me, I put together three small lists of Spanish statements. One list was for getting around (i.e., Write down how much I owe. ; Check please.; etc). A second list was for flirting (i.e., I love your eyes; I want to bite your butt; etc). And the last list was for conversation that I planned on bringing up that revolved on pictures that I wanted to share with her (i.e., this is my house; this is my car; etc).

So I told the driver where I wanted to go and he did a double take and said, “Ohhhhhh”. After seeing his reaction, my date then asked him about where we were going and after he rattled off some shit in Spanish she looked impressed.

We got to the place and personally I thought it was a dump. However, the locals with fame and/or money frequent the spot so you will win points if you take a date. So I break out the iPad and tell her how I’m so glad to finally meet her… Blah…blah…blah… Google Translate is a wonderful thing.

We had a nice lunch (conversing…the food sucked) and then I took advantage of her hard-wiring by telling her that I wanted to take her somewhere more comfortable to talk and on the way I planned on stopping in a few stores.

I then took her by the hand and led her everywhere I wanted to go eventually marching her ass back to the hotel. We got to the hotel and she began to tense up a bit. Continuing to hold her hand, I marched her to the elevators and when the door opened to one I signaled with my hand that she should get on.

Her face tensed and she looked a little pissed and I signaled for her to get on again with a nonchalant look on my face. She then got on and I took her to my floor which also housed a restaurant, lounge, workout and conference room.

I then fucked her up by taking her into the conference room because they were waxing the floors in the lounge. I sat her down and said, “un momento”, and went to my room to get my laptop and the bottle of perfume I bought for her.

So I opened up the laptop, and then presented her with a gift of perfume like I did the other women and you should have seen the look on her face. She damn near melted from me not taking her to my room and giving her the perfume. She…thought…I was being so kind and respectful.

As she stared at me beaming I thought, “Ohhhh you poor foolish lil thing. I cannot wait to get to that gorgeous ass of yours bent over something.”

We talked for a while and then I had her pose for me so I could snap off some pics. Now I remembered how Sly fucked up taking pictures of women on his trip and I didn’t want to make the same mistake. So between each of my dates, I offloaded all of the pics of other women on the phone and copied all of theirs back. So every time that they asked to see their pics, the only thing they saw was my site seeing shots and pictures of them.

You may think doing that is a lot of effort but I’m glad that I did It because this chica wanted to go through my pics the next time that I saw her to see what I was doing when she wasn’t with me.

She eventually asked me if she could use my bathroom and I smiled when she did because there was one in the room and the open door sat right across the table from her. Continuing to smile, I glanced at the door and then back at her.

She looked in the direction of my eyes and then stammered something in Spanish looking surprised because she knew damn well that there was a bathroom in the room. My nonchalant and reserved behavior had paid off and she was indirectly letting me know that she was now ready to give me some pussy.

Before she could finish stammering I said, “No problemo… Mi banya”, and took her to my room.

I lay on the bed and without a second’s hesitation she joined me on it after doing whatever in my bathroom. We watched a little TV and she pointed at the coffee machine and made a statement.

I thought she wanted some coffee and nodded that it was alright for her to make some. She brewed a pot, poured a cup and then offered it to me. I said, “no gracias”, but she insisted saying that she made it for me so I sipped on it a bit.

It tripped me out that she looked for a way to wait on me like that but her actions reinforced my perception that Dominican women are hard-wired to serve a man and the more they are feeling you the more they want to serve you.

We continued to kick it, and she made a statement about my pants and then pulled on my pocket. I didn’t’ pick up my iPad because I was playing around trying to talk to her in Spanish so I replied, “te gusten mis pantalones?”

She busted out laughing and shook her head no.

I then said, “los pantalones de color negro?”

She laughed at me again and asked me something with the word “beso” in the sentence.

I was like, “Beso… I know that word. Beso…”. Before I could figure out what she wanted she gave me a fire kiss ending it by biting my bottom lip. Then she made the statement about my pants again and pulled on my pocket smiling.

Now I knew what she wanted and I said, “Ohhhhhh… You wanna suck on a black man’s dick!”

So I let her and it was on once again.

The next day I did a little site seeing and that night I got back with my English speaking Latina and went to Camp David Ranch.


Again, I had my cab driver pick her up. She got in the cab, gave me a kiss and then motioned at the dress she was wearing. I told her that she looked nice and she was like, “…I wore this for you. Remember, you said that you wanted to see me in a dress.”

Now the previous night that we went out I was just flirting with her and I mentioned that I wish she had worn a dress instead of pants so that I could see her legs. She took that comment and put one on the next date to please me. Yet again showing they are hard-wired to cater to a man.

Camp David was pretty chill, sitting on a mountain overlooking the city. Besides the ambiance, this spot is nice because all of the Dominican ballers floss their top bitch at the spot. Go on a Friday or Saturday night and you will see some very bad white Dominican’s that are all hella thick, bangin’ with big tits, hips and ass.

As the thick bitches pranced around, my date jealously commented on how Dominican men liked the women “grande” and I thought, “…don’t we all.”

She then actually apologized to me for not having a bigger ass. Now this chic was bangin’ with curves on top of curves and she apologized to me for not being the Dominican “ideal”. In fact…all…of my dates at some point apologized to me for not being the Dominican “ideal”.

That shows how mind fucked the people are there with a media that only has white Latino’s depicted. So we continued to kick it and I was enjoying the music and scene when girlfriend asked me if she could go to the bathroom.

“Okay… Go pee pee”, I thought.

I really wasn’t paying attention to her at the time and she reached out and took my hand to get my full attention. I looked at her and she asked, “Is it okay?”

I tripped because she was asking me for permission and I shook my head yes. I don’t think there was a misunderstanding on my part because of language; I really think she was asking for permission.

A little later, she asked if we could go outside to the deck overlooking the city so we did. Although I was amused that she did want to go outside though because of her negative comment about romance the other night that we went out.

So I pushed up on her outside for a bit and then took things back inside.

So we sit back down and girlfriend…thanks…me for coming back inside because her feet were beginning to hurt. Again this shows how Dominican women will defer pretty much everything to you so you need to think of …everything…because they want to be led completely.

I asked girlfriend if she had ever been done on the mountain. “Have …I …been done” , she asked confused.

“Has anyone ever…fucked…you up here”, I clarified. I knew she understood the word fuck since she heard it enough from me on the previous night.

She smiled and I got a room.

The next day I kicked it with my Bonao friend. So when we hooked up that afternoon I took her to Plaza International, which is Santiago’s ghetto mall.


If I hadn’t already set up dates beforehand, I would have been on the prowl here because there were tons of gorgeous single women there from…all…complexions. Plaza International was the only melting pot of different types of Dominican’s that I saw there. So if you’re on the hunt, check the place out on a Saturday.

So we got to the mall and my date was very nervous because of the language issues and I marched her upstairs to the food court, sat down at a table and pulled out the iPad. A Latino dude watched the whole thing and he snickered at me when I looked in his direction with a look that said, “You don’t speak Spanish. You are not gonna hit that!”

I ignored him and then laid out what we were going to do at the mall. Basically programming her. I told her that I was going to take her to different stores and I wanted her to try on outfits and shoes so that I could see her style and what she liked.

She became relaxed and animated liking what I wanted to do and excited that we had a way to communicate and she started firing questions at me on my iPad. So we chat for a bit and I glanced back at dude who was still in the same spot watching us and he gave me a nod of respect after he saw how I was playing it.

So with her programmed, I took her by the hand and walked the mall. Stopping at stores where I wanted her to try shit on. She was happy modeling and I was happy watching her prance around.

Although I told her what I wanted her to do when we stopped at a store when we got to the first one she…insisted…that I tell her what…I…wanted to see her in. I really like how Dominican women defer to you in everything.

We eventually left the mall and went to Il Pasticcio for dinner.


This place was pretty chill, although it didn’t have Wiifi. But the food there was the best that I had in Santiago and was reasonably priced. This spot is a major meeting place for the well to do Domincans so if you’re looking for white ones you should invest time there to build relationships with the locals.

We planned on going to the movies later that evening, so after dinner I took her back to the hotel to attempt to wax that ass before the show. Now I thought, that she was going to be the easiest one to fuck but she ended up being the hardest. I got her back to the spot and she teased the hell out of me rolling around on my bed sticking her tight, round ass in my face every chance that she got.

So we went to the movies and then I had my driver take her to her cousin’s house where she spent the night.

The next day, I got back with my girl from Villa Gonzales and we went to Belle Terra Mall.


Belle Terra is Santiago’s high end mall and my driver told me that if you’re looking for single women the best time to visit the mall is during the day on weekdays because single white collar Dominican women visit the mall during those times to shop and eat lunch. He said all of this right in front of my chocolate honey disrespecting her.

We got to the spot and girlfriend appeared to be uncomfortable. We went to Tony Roma’s for lunch and I asked my waiter in English what was up with Belle Terra and he confirmed what my driver told me and said that Belle Terra was at its best late at night when the bars and theater was in full effect. He then told that I needed to check out the Hooters around the corner and I frowned because I was with a date and told him that I had never been impressed with any of their locations in the states.

He then was like, “You really need to go over there”, disrespecting my chocolate honey as my date listened to our conversation confused.

So we finished lunch and I told my date with my iPad that I wanted to walk around the mall. She replied by shaking her head no emphatically and asked if we could go back to the hotel. Confused, but cool with her request we sat down outside and waited for my driver to come pick us up as I wondered if her issue with being there was because of her skin tone or economics.

I looked around and she was the darkest thing there so I think that it was a little bit of both so my advice if you’re flossing a darker Dominican at an upscale location is spend some pesos and upgrade her beforehand so that she will be more comfortable if she is not fly.

So we went back to the spot and I let girlfriend wait on me and drain my dick again.

The next day I got back with my girl from Bonao and since she didn’t hook me up with some pussy on the previous date I took her to Hooters at Bella Terra so that I could see what all of the fuss was about. It was a little after 2pm on a Monday when we got out there and sure enough the place was packed with tons of white collar Dominican women.

So we went into Hooters and I had to fight to keep my composure because unlike the states where you see a gang of skinny white girls with big tits, no hips or ass. In the DR it’s completely the opposite with chicks bangin’ in all three areas.

So we have some drinks and on the second round this fione waitress comes over to my table, camps out and starts asking me tons of questions in English while totally ignoring my date. I assumed that she was hating on my date because she was several shades lighter than her.

And although the waitress was bad and I was having a wonderful time checking her out while keeping a neutral expression on my face , I learned a long time ago that pussy in hand was better than pussy in the bush.

Meaning that I had a better chance fucking the one that I already went out with versus a female that may have only been interested in throwing salt into my game. I glanced over at my date on the fourth question and she appeared to be getting pissed as she was staring straight into the waitresses’ mouth.

I had the feeling that she was picking up some of the conversation so even though the waitress was hotter than my date, I blew off her next question and told her to tell my date that after she finished her drink that I wanted to take her somewhere nicer where we could relax.

The waitress got pissed, leaned back a bit in her chair and glared at me. “Tell her what I said”, I repeated again firmly. The waitress hesitated then slowly turned to my date and told her what I said and my date appeared to visibly relax and looked down in thought obviously liking the fact that I was recognizing her.

Since the gentlemanly nice route didn’t get me any ass with her, I switched tactics and went bad boy, googling my name and then went to the photos page. “Mi libra…”, I stated as I handed her my iPad so that she could see the covers of my erotic books with me on most of them.

Her eyebrows raised as she scrolled through the pictures then she gave me a sideways smile and said in broken English, “Mi like this job… Better than you day job.”

“Ohhhhh so you do speak English”, I exclaimed. To which she shook her head laughing and said, “Un poco.”

Then she got real animated, pointed at herself and said, “Mi en su libra?”

I replied on my iPad that she needed to pose a bit for me so I could see if she was sexy enough for one of my books and she jumped up and started poising for me.

So after taking some pics and video of her I told her that I wanted to do a photo shoot of her back at the hotel to which she joyfully agreed. So we left Hooters and went to an outdoor bar at Bella Terra where I put a few more drinks into her before taking her back to the spot for her “photo shoot”.

The only other thing that I want to touch on my trip was that I didn’t like hitting the ATM every day to get cash. Tons of sites strongly advised not pulling out the credit card so I didn’t but I was initially uncomfortable with someone noticing a routine of me going to the ATM.

However, I soon lost that discomfort because the bank that I visited everyday had a shotgun armed guard sitting in the door.

So that was my experience in the DR. You don’t need to be fluent in Spanish to get laid. Just do some leg work beforehand.

In closing, I’d like to make some observations about Roosh forum that I mentioned several times in this blog post. As I stated earlier, I found the site when researching how to approach Dominican women. It’s…allegedly…a site where players can share game.

However, the “game” that the majority of the dudes on that site use is playing the numbers game with one liners randomly hitting on as many women as they can until they get a bite and then trying to get them drunk to get into their panties.

That’s not game.

This is evidenced by most of them bragging about the 8-10s that they only want to hit once. Who would only want to do Hally Berry once if she opened her legs to you? Seriously?

They can only hit once because they get it with mind altering drugs and lack the…game…to continue to get it.

A true playa can finesse the panties off a female without getting her tore up and has the…game… to continue hitting it…even…when the female knows that he has other females on the side.


So if you want to pick up on game you need to go somewhere else. However, there are a few tidbits on travel that you can find by browsing the forums.

That’s my two cents on Santiago. Good hunting.




Sunday, September 9, 2012

Out of the Darkeness (Excerpt)

The candlelight seemed to caress his toned body as he stood up and pulled his underwear under his semi-rigid cock as he took them off. Willam had always been a gorgeous man, with black dreads stopping just above his chiseled shoulders. At 6'5" he was above average in the looks department, with skin that was rich dark chocolate, and eyes a honey brown that had the thickest lashes that she had ever seen on a man.

He licked his lips in anticipation with his head bowed as Mistress' eyes traveled over his body and she had an orgasm when they fell on her mark. The letter "M" was tattooed on his arm etched forever in his beautiful chocolate skin.

"I fucking own you", Mistress growled like a wolf in heat and William's dick became harder as he dared to let the left side of his mouth form into a smile because he knew that it was true and loved it.

"Take off my skirt", Mistress purred as she moved closer and palmed his butt while cradling his head against her stomach.

His rough hands slowly went to the back of her skirt finding the zipper and letting it fall to the carpeted floor. She stepped out of it and pressed his face roughly into her pubic mound.

William liked at her mound greedily while forcefully fighting to breathe as Mistress attempted to smother him with her punany.

Mistress grabbed his dreads forcefully keeping him in place and began to grind her hips on his face as she squatted carrying William to his back on the floor. She rolled to her side and then clamped her thighs around his head as she continued to grind and pull his face deep into her crotch.

William became light headed from lack of air as he continued to lick and slurp frantically.

"Get it...get it...get it...", Mistress shouted through gritted teeth as she pumped hard into Williams face as she squirted another intense orgasm all over his face. As her orgasm subsided, she released William's face from her thighs tight embrace and he inhaled loudly filling his lungs with much needed air.

End of excerpt....

Monday, September 3, 2012

Lust Mate


I knocked on Lenorah’s door wondering what sight I would be greeted with this time. She put the V in voluptuous and I couldn’t wait to see how she had adorned her 44-28-50 frame on this evening. For those of you who think fine women only wear a size five I beg to differ.

Lenorah had a flighty personality. She was the type of female who was always looking for something new and exciting to do and she would often leave town at the last minute for a trip to the West Indies or a gig with her band. She continually pressed me for a committed relationship but what she really wanted was a man who would meet her every whim when she decided that she wanted to be in town. I didn’t play that shit but I strung her along just enough so that I could hit it. I know it was wrong but it was a lust thing and I had to have what she had to offer.

Lenorah opened her door and Sergio immediately got hard as he always did in her presence. She wore a frilly white blouse with a plunging v-cut neckline and skintight pocket less jeans that laced in the front and back. “Damn!”, I exclaimed appreciatively looking at her coke bottle shape as I walked in and closed her door.

“Hey honey…”, Lenorah said smiling as she clasped her arms around my neck and gave me a light kiss with her thick dick sucking lips.

“You know I need more than just a peck baby.”, I told her as I stuck my hand down the back of her pants and squeezed her ass as I commenced to slob her down.

After several minutes she leaned away from me smiling. “Honey…your thang is hard. All you have to do is look at me…don’t you?”, she asked in genuine amusement.

“And you know this!”, I purred turning her around and pushing her onto her knees on her couch.

“Hoooooney! We can do this when we get back from dinner.”, she protested feebly. “You should have had your clothes on when I got here. You knew I was gonna want to hit this before we left.”

She laughed. My clothes are on…my pants are just untied. I wanted you to do it for me when you got here. Uhhhhhhh…ohhhh honey you know I like that.”, she moaned as my tongue ran up the crack of her ass. Licking her phat ass was her weakness as well as mine and she gave it up with a quickness whenever I did it.

I got to business and spread her ass so that I could twirl my tongue around her anus. “Ohhhhhhhh hooooooney! All you have to do to have sex with me is lick my ass.” “I’m just gonna hit it a little bit and then we are going to go out baby.” “Okay…”

“Just lick…mmmpfffhhhh….your ass a little bit.” “Okay…”

“mmmmppfhhhh….and fuck you doggy style a bit. And then we’ll go to dinner.”

“Okay…baby…uhhhhhhhh….” I kept Lenorah on her knees for another thirty minutes while I alternated from rimming her and fucking her from behind. After savoring my sexual appetizer I let her up looking forward to finishing her off when we got back.

“Honey…now I need to wash up because you got me all wet.”

“Do that then. And change your outfit. I want to see you in a dress and I got a little surprise for you.”

“Okay honey. What do you want me to wear?”

“Put on that long black dress and some heels.”

“If I put some heels on I’ll be taller than you. Will you have a problem with that?”

“I want to see your sexy ass in some heels. I don’t have a problem if your taller than me. You won’t be when I put you on your knees when we get back.”

“Honey….you so nasty!”, she replied laughing.

Lenorah went to the bathroom, washed up ,put on lipstick, changed her panties and put on her long black dress. She walked back into the living room carrying her heels.

“Is this what you wanted to see me in honey?”, she asked me seductively.

The dress I asked her to wear hugged each and every curve on her luscious body and I was very appreciative. She sat down on the couch and began to put on her shoes when I stopped her. “Take off your panties honey. Here is your surprise.”, I said as I pulled out a purple thong with a built in vibrator.

Lenorah looked at it confused not understanding why I wanted her to wear it.

“The thong I have on is nicer than that one honey.”, she said standing up, turning around and pulling the back of her dress up so that I could see her cheetah print thong. “Damn baby!”, I exclaimed looking at her pretty ass.

“You…are…fucking with me.

“No I’m not.”, Lenorah laughed mischievously.

“Ohhhh…yes you are. And if you don’t stop I will have to take that dress off. Put this on. It has a built in vibrator.” Honey you are so nasty.”, Lenorah laughed as her eyes lit up. She daintily peeled off her underwear and put on the purple thong with a built in vibrator right over the clit. She put on the thong and began to pull her dress down when I hit the on switch on the remote control for the vibrator. Lenorah’s body tensed up and she sucked in her breath. I left the vibrator on until she squeezed her legs together in pleasure throwing her head back.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh hooooooney…”, that feels so good.

“Just giving you a taste of what’s in store for tonight babe.”, I commented as I stepped into her space and ran my tongue across her lips. “Let’s go!”, I said with finality as I pushed her forward in the small of her back so I could watch her big ass move as we walked out the door.


We went to Beluga’s, a Sushi and Asian-Western fusion restaurant in the Hyatt Park section of Cincinnati. As we entered the trendy restaurant thumping bass from the DJspun dance tunes as televisions showing lingerie-clad models waltzing down the catwalk flashed in the various rooms. The Asian hostess looked up and raised her eyebrow when she saw me. I had been there two weeks earlier with Gaea and I guess she was surprised to see me with another woman. I tensed up for a minute, thinking that she would playa hate and say something to give me away. She didn’t though and led us to our table. I let Lenorah get ahead of me so I could watch her nice hips sway as she walked and discreetly reached in my pocket and hit the on switch on the remote controlled vibrator. Lenorah stumbled a bit as the vibrations hit her clit and looked back at me with eyes beseeching me to turn it off.

I gave her some respite and turned it off so that she could make it to the table. “Honey….this is so erotic.”, she said. “I always wanted to do something like this.” I smiled in reply and we each looked over our menus to determine what we wanted to eat. After about ten minutes the waiter came to the table and asked for our drink order. I told him that we were ready to order dinner and he pulled out his pad and took our order. Lenorah decided to change her mind on her order and told me to go first. I ordered some Ebi, Hanachi, and my favorite, Anago. The waiter then turned to Lenorah, and as she opened her mouth I hit the on switch of the vibrator again. She gripped a handful of tablecloth in her hand and sucked in her breath. The waiter looked at her with raised eyebrows but said nothing. Lenorah composed herself the best she could and ordered a steak in a wispy voice as her eyes fluttered. The waiter stared at her with a nervous smile on his face not comprehending what was going on.

He completed taking her order and as his back turned to us I pumped up the vibration on the toy to maximum. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”, Lenorah moaned as she licked her licks savoring the feeling and rested her head on the table clawing at the tablecloth. I left the toy on deliciously torturing her for another several minutes before turning it off.

“ Ahhhhhh…..honey that feels good.”, Lenorah purred. “I’ve missed you honey. You got me addicted to you.”

“I’m addicted to you to baby.”, I replied.

“You just miss the sex.”, Lenorah replied with a sour expression on her face. “No…..I miss you.”

“Really honey?”

“Yes.”, I said simply.

“Honey…I have been so lonely. “

“Then why haven’t you come to see me more often?” “I want to. I want to see you but I want to spend time with you. More than just sex. But that seems like all we do. Don’t get me wrong. I love it honey. I love it when we do things like this. But I just want to spend more simple time with you. Doing nothing. But you always seem so busy. I feel like you don’t have time for me. There are so many things going on with me know…like the band. I want to share all this excitement that has been going on with me with someone…”

“Someone?”, I replied with Lenorah missing the point that I was not really her problem.

“Did you hear what I said?”

“Yes I did Lenorah.”, I replied getting a bit irritated with the direction she was taking the conversation. “I don’t feel like we just have sex. But that’s how you see it.”


“Baby….don’t start. Let’s just spend time together.” “Don’t close me out like that. Euftis…I miss you when you’re not around. But it’s hard to tell you. I want to be your baby, but I don’t feel you are receptive to that. I want a relationship with you. A real one. I want to be together but I am afraid that you will run again. So I try not to crowd you.”

“Lord why me?”, I thought to myself. My mind scrambled for the correct thing to say. I didn’t want Lenorah’s fine ass to get upset because I planned on fucking her ass….literally. I exhausted my list of responses and realized that there was only one thing that I could say that would shut her up and get me laid. But if I said it I would be breaking a major rule of The Mack Association (T.M.A.). I didn’t want to get points taken away from my T.M.A. card so I placed a sad look on my face and said nothing. Men…if you find you don’t know the correct thing to say to a woman just shut the fuck up. Nine times out of ten they will ramble away until they talk themselves out of the problem.

“Honey….see…your not saying anything. I am pouring my heart out to you. “I hear you sweetie.”, I said looking sadder and putting a dab of innocence into my expression.

“ Honey but you didn’t say anything. I want you to reply to what I said. Don‘t give me that innocent look like you haven‘t done anything!” “How am I supposed to reply? I miss you when you’re not around. I want to be with you. What more do you want me to say?”

“Reassure me that you won’t run away. Am I scaring you by saying all this?” “No baby. Don’t worry. I am not going to run.”, Lenorah really got on my last nerve with her two bit psycho analysis of me.

“How do I know that? Or are you just saying that?”

“You don’t know Lenorah. So what now?”

“See…don’t be getting smart with me while I am pouring my heart out to you!”

“Ohhhh good Lord!”, I thought. “Baby“. I answered. “I am being honest.”


“Honey what?”, I answered fighting to keep the irritation I felt out of my voice.

”You just don’t seem receptive to me when I talk like this so I just keep things to myself. Maybe you don’t know how to respond to things like this but it gives me the impression that you don’t care.

“I do care for you sweetie.”, I replied as our waiter returned to the table with our food.

“I have a problem asking you for what I want from you don’t I? Then I complain later… don’t I?


“Well…honey…help me!”

“I’m trying dear.”

“I told you I don’t know how to have a relationship. You think I’m kidding?”

“I see your not.”

“I told you before. I think you think I’m kidding or trying to get over or something. But I am for real. I have spent most of my time avoiding getting into a relationship.


“I am for real. So I need help.”

“Okay baby.”

“You don’t make it easy for me.”

“Stop complaining and let‘s work on it.”

“You sit back and just observe. Then I make all the mistakes and then you point fingers at me and tell me how bad I am.”

“Point fingers at you!”, I thought. “I’m just trying to get my fuck on! You’re the one complaining all the damn time!” “I won’t do that anymore sweetie.”

“Then I run, or just sit still and then we never grow. We should have been a lot further in our relationship by now.”

“Ohhhh good Lord if you were not such a good fuck I would not put up with all this damn drama!”, I thought. “Just stop complaining Lenorah.”

“Honey I hope you are really understanding what I am saying.”

“I am.”

“I am not complaining. I am communicating what I want.”


“Seeeeee….you ain’t hearing me!”

“I do honey. You’ve repeated it several times.”

“Honey…you are a mess…. you ain’t taking me seriously. I am pouring my heart out to you all the time.”

“Baby I hear you.”, I replied resigned to saying the one little word that would shut her up and get me laid as well. “You know I love you Lenorah.”, I replied as if I made an unintentional slip. “I’m sorry if you don’t feel that I listen to you. I do. I have to work on the indicators that show you I am.” I had just broken a major rule of the T.M.A. , never tell them you love them to get some pussy. I had just lost fifty points on my T.M.A. card, if I lost ten more points my membership would be revoked. I glanced around discreetly to see if a T.M.A. member had heard my transgression. As luck would have it…I was the only T.M.A. member there. I felt bad for a second that I had betrayed a major rule of the T.M.A. But shit… Lenorah was fine as hell…and I wanted some. “You….love…me…honey?”, she asked as her huge eyes grew two times larger and fluttered like a hummingbirds wings.

“What….?”, I stammered feigning embarrassment.

“You said you love me.”, she said as her huge dick sucking lips spread in a wide smile.

“No I didn’t.”

“Yes you did honey.”, Lenorah replied smugly as she reached out and held my left hand. “I know your crazy about me honey. I’m glad to know you love me. Even though you’re scared to tell me honey.”, she said laughing. “But I heard you. You love me.”

I went into full innocent mode and looked down as if I was embarrassed. “Can we change the subject now.”

“Awwwww….honey. You’re scared. That’s so sweet. We can change the subject. I know what the problem is now. You love me and you’re just scared to show it.”

“Whateva!”, I thought as the hostess came up to our table to refill our water glasses. I hit the on switch again to get Lenorah off her drama tip and back into sex mode. As soon as the vibrator turned on her head snapped back and she bit down on her bottom lip and squeezed her thighs together to fight from making sounds of pleasure. Although our male waiter didn’t know what was going on earlier the hostess of the restaurant recognized the expressions of an aroused woman and stopped dead in her tracks staring at Lenorah open mouthed. The hostess stared at Lenorah for several minutes and then left our table without refilling our water glasses. We finished our dinners and left the restaurant and I proceeded to the Norwood lateral and got on I75 headed north.

“Where are we going honey?”, Lenorah asked.

“To the Hustler Store to get you a couple of toys.”

“Honey…you so nasty.”

“But you want a toy don’t you?”

“Yesssss…”, Lenorah laughed.

“Good. Then let’s see what they have. I’ll get you one. On one condition.”

“What’s that?”

“Allow me to fuck you with it on the way to your house.”, I answered as I turned on her vibrator again.


We got to the Hustler Store just outside Cincinnati and we went into the store and headed straight for the toy section. I told Lenorah to pick what she wanted, but she acted real coy and didn’t respond positively or negatively with any of the toys she picked up.

Women trip me out. If you’re a freak, there is no reason to be shy when your with a man who is just as freaky as you. Since she didn’t make a decision I picked up toys that she might be interested in using and watched her eyes to see if she was interested. Always watch a woman’s eyes. She may not say anything but he eyes will always give her away. I picked up a synthetic replica of Mr. Marcus’s dick and showed it to her. Her eyes didn’t light up so I passed on it. I then went the opposite direction and picked up a vibrating seashell. Again, I didn’t note a NastyGirlGleam in her eyes so I passed again. I then picked up a vibrating three-pronged dildo that would penetrate/stimulate a woman‘s pussy, g-spot, and ass. I showed it to Lenorah and her eyes lit up and she gulped.

“Ohhhh yeaaaa….ya like that shit huh?”, I thought.

She tried to give it back and I told her to hold onto it because I knew she liked it. Now that I had an idea of what she liked, I stayed in the vibrating dildo section. I then picked up a rotating Rabbit dildo with beads and handed it to Lenorah. This time, not only did her eyes light up she also licked her lips. Content that I had the proper turn out equipment I picked up a bottle of Astro Glide and headed for the register. The helpful people at Hustler tested both toys for us at the register and I purchased two sets of batteries and told them to leave them in. When they tested the Rabbit and showed Lenorah how to work the rotation controls I could almost smell her pussy getting wet as she watched the big purple toy rotate imagining how it would feel in her pussy.

We left the store and I turned my car onto I-75 headed south back to Cincinnati. “Take your panties off”, I ordered.


“Take them off Lenorah”, I demanded.

“Okay…okay…..”, she stammered.

She put both of her heeled feet on the dashboard to support herself as she lifted her ass slightly off the seat so that she could pull up her dress and peal off her panties. I watched intently, from her ankles down to her thick inviting thighs as she pulled off her underwear and pulled her dress up even further exposing her wet opening. She spread her legs wide and reached over and massaged the back of my baldhead with her nails. I reached in the bag and pulled out the three-pronged stimulator and shoved it into her pussy and anus forcefully while pumping up the volume on the vibrator.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..that feel good…so good baby….”, she moaned in her deep sexy voice. I smiled listening to her arousal in her voice while silently laughing at the same time. She got so ghetto in her speech when she was heated and I found that funny. “That feel good baby?”, I replied playing with her.

“Yeaaaaaaaaaa……“, she replied being to heated to notice my joke. I shoved the toy in her as deep as I could. Sweet, clear pussy juice swelled around the toy as I pushed it deeper in her. She looked at me and stared for several minutes and then without saying a word got on her knees, unzipped my pants, and buried her face in my lap. I leaned my chair back a bit so she could get the dick and put the car on cruise so I could enjoy the sucking. Lenorah’s big ass was in the window while she sucked me and I wondered if any of the passengers in the cars that passed by noticed all that ass in the window and then quickly figured out what she was doing.

After about five minutes, Lenorah stopped sucking, sat up, kissed me on the cheek and just stared at me for several minutes. Neither of us spoke and then she buried he face in my lap again and continued to suck me the ten additional minutes it took to get to her apartment. I parked and we both got out of my car disheveled. Me…holding my pants because they where unzipped and buckled. Lenorah…with her dress twisted and pulled up over her knees. Neither of us cared as we made the short walk to her building and entered her apartment. I held her arm and kept her in the middle of her living room floor as I locked the door and dropped my bag and pants on the floor. I took Lenorah’s purse and dropped it alongside my things. It was on as I commenced pulling off her dress. I paused for a second wondering where her panties were and then remembered that she had taken them off and left them in my car. I left her little black half-slip on and then pushed her onto her leather couch ass up so I could get to that 50” ass. She arched her back for me and I spread her cheeks burying my face in the enormity of her glorious ass.

She moaned loudly and I groaned in unison with her as my rigid member throbbed and dripped hot pre cum onto her carpeted floor. I rimmed her with gusto, swirling my tongue around her anus while penetrating it intermittently. She loved every minute of it. Clawing her white leather sofa with her long manicured nails like a cat getting its belly rubbed. I stayed on her…licking, sucking, and tonguing her ample ass relaxing her sphincter muscle…getting it ready for my thick, throbbing, pre cum dripping dick.

After about thirty minutes of intense ass licking, I told Lenorah to lay on her back so I could suck on her wet pussy. “Would you lick my booty a little longer baby? Please baby? Please…”, Lenorah begged me to continue licking her ass in a soft voice.

I didn’t say a word, I just spread her ass cheeks as far as I could and buried half of my tongue inside her anus. “Uhhh uhhh uhhh uhhhhhh….”, Lenorah moaned as she had an orgasm from my tongue penetration.

I was ready to eat her pussy and I didn’t ask her this time, but flipped her over onto her back. “Honey…you so nasty.”, Lenorah remarked smiling as I spread her legs.

“Yeaaaaa….”, she moaned as I began to lick and suck on her clit.

Her long fingers caressed the back of my head and she wrapped her thick legs around my back.

Many women claim to have a sweet tasting pussy and in reality it is far from that. Lenorah, however, was an exception because her pussy was as sweet as honey. I slurped, sucked and licked on the little pearl between her legs until it became as hard as bullet. After about thirty minutes of intense pussy licking, I slumped in the couch with my legs spread apart and coxed Lenorah down between my legs. She was the greedy type, and would let me lick and suck her all night without returning the favor. It was time for her to clock back in and do some more work.

She whined for a while. Wanting me to lick her ass some more, but I refused and pointed my dick like an arrow straight to her mouth. She opened her wide mouth and engulfed Sergio. I was in heaven. Not only did she have huge dick sucking lips but she also had an extra wide tongue. With it, she could literally wrap her tongue around three sides of my dick while she was sucking it. The sensation was indescribable and she soon had my head turning back and forth and babbling like an idiot.

“Ohhhhhhhh baaaaaaby…. It’s so good. It’s so damn good. I’m gonna cum… I can’t hold it. I’m gonna cum.”, I moaned as I fought to contain my orgasm. Although Lenorah’s head was some of the best I ever had it was also some of the worst. Bad because she refused to let me cum in her mouth. Little did she know, she could have turned my ass out if she just would have sucked me off every now and then.

“Uhhh uhhhhh…no baby. Don’t cum. Don’t cum yet.”, Lenorah mumbled with my dick in her mouth.

My dick rested on top of her tongue as she talked to me and the brief respite from her dick sucking allowed me to get my head together. “Ohhhh shit baby! Ohhhh it’s so good.”

“You just like it cause I have an extra wide tongue.”, Lenorah mumbled letting my pre cum roll to the back of her throat before swallowing it.

I have never understood why women who have a major problem with you cuming in their mouth will slurp up every drop of your pre cum like it is ambrosia. I produce massive loads of cum and when I am very excited pre cum literally drips from my throbbing dick.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm…”, Lenorah hummed as she closed her mouth on my dick and began to suck it again. I shook my head somewhat disgustedly as I watched this beautiful woman slurp and swallow my essence. Although, she sucked it better than most, I knew she wasn’t going to finish the job and that somewhat put a damper on the sex. To make matters worse, she wasn’t on any form of birth control so I couldn’t cum in her pussy either. My orgasms are more intense when I cum in a woman’s mouth, pussy or ass. I stopped that pulling out shit in high school. Since two options were closed, I fully intended on getting and cuming all up in her phat ass.

I let her suck it until I couldn’t take it any longer and told Lenorah to get back on the couch. She crawled over to it slowly accentuating her large ass as she moved. She knew exactly what she was doing. Heightening my lust with her actions. Instead of attacking her like she wanted though, I walked over to the bag of toys that I bought for her and pulled out the Rabbit vibrator.

Lenorah’s eyes widened. “Get on your knees baby. Let’s see how you like your new toy.”

“Okay…okay…”, she responded as she complied.

I applied a liberal amount of lube to the toy and slowly fucked her doggy style with it. “You like that baby?”, I asked as I stroked her with it.

“Ohhhhhh Yeaaaaaa….”, she replied in her thick sultry voice. “You want me to make it rotate while I fuck you baby?”


I turned on the rotation control for the vibrator and had it rotate to the right. “That feel good baby.”, Lenorah said getting ghetto again. “Make it rotate to the left honey….to the left.”, she moaned. I changed the rotation to the left and increased the speed of it.

“Ohhhhh yeaaaaaaaa…..”, she moaned as the toy pleased her pussy the way she wanted. I continued to fuck her with toy until I felt her juices flowing down my hand.

“Arch your back baby.”, I told her so that I could give her another surprise. She thought I wanted her to stick her ass further in the air so that I could stick the toy deeper in her. The reality was, that now that she was heated on the verge of orgasm I wanted to stick my dick in her ass. I stuck the toy inside of her to the hilt and pressed the head of my dick against her anus. I pressed forward slowly and began to penetrate her when she exploded.

“Ahhhhhhhhh…ahhhhhhhh….ahhhhhhhh….ahhhhhhhhhh…..”, she literally screamed at the top of her lungs. I hadn’t even stuck half of my dick head inside of her. The freakiness of the situation had just sent her over the edge. She had never cum so hard before. I knew all of her neighbors under and above her had stopped what they were doing listening to her cum. As she came, she straightened her back, changing the angle of my penetration. “Arch ya back baby!”, I commanded. Her ass spread gloriously as she did so and I continued to slowly penetrate her ass. I could feel the toy on the other side of her pussy wall as I entered her. When I had half of my dick in her ass I began to slowly stroke it, losing it further and sticking more dick up her ass with each inward thrust.

“Ahhhhhh….yeaaaaaa…”, Lenorah moaned again enjoying the long stroking of her ass while the vibrator rotated in her pussy. “It’s yours baby. It’s yours. Tell me it’s yours. Please baby. Ahhhhhhhhh…. Please baby. It’s yours. Tell me it’s yours.”, she pleaded looking back at me with lust filled eyes.

A woman looking back into my eyes while I fuck her ass or pussy turns me the hell on. Although, I enjoyed her looking at me, I frowned inwardly at her, “…it’s yours statement.” I didn’t feel that her pussy was mine. She needed to keep it real. But I played along so I could keep fucking her. “It’s mine baby. Gimme my ass!” “It’s yours. It’s yours. Tell me it’s yours baby…”

“It’s mine baby.”

“Do you mean it Euftis? It’s yours baby. It’s all yours….” “Yes baby. This phat ass is mine!”, I said burying the length of my dick inside her ass for emphasis.

“Ahhhhhh yeaaaaaa….baby it feel good!”

It started getting good to me so I increased the tempo. “Slow baby…fuck it slow baby…”, Lenorah purred.

“Don’t start that military shit Lenorah!”, I growled. “I thought this was my ass?”

“It’s your ass honey. It’s yours…its yours.”

“Then let me fuck it how I want to!”, I said as I grasped her wide hips and fucked her phat ass with gusto.”

“Ok…ok…honey…ohhhh honey…it feel so good.”

I continued to stroke her ass, pulling my dick all the way out and sticking it back in again. It gaped open wonderfully whenever I pulled it out. After the fifth time I pulled it out Lenorah flipped off the couch and sat on the floor.

“What are you doing?”, I exclaimed.

“Let’s get in the bed honey.”, she purred.

“Let’s go then.”, I said taking her hand. She pulled her hand out of mine and slowly crawled to her bedroom…pretty ass all in the air. She teased the fuck out of me and I watched her for a minute squeezing my dick. I gave her what she wanted and stopped her halfway to her room and straddled her on the floor. I fucked her true doggy style squatting over her pounding her ass.

“Ahhhhh….ahhhhhh…ahhhhhhh….ahhhhhhhh…”, she screamed as she came again. I was done and ready to pop and so I did…all over her ass. What a night.

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