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How I lost it...


The year was 1984, I had just gotten out of boot camp, and was back in town for what was supposed to be 10 days, but because an ice storm grounded all flights, I ended up staying a total of 26 days.

Being in boot camp listening to all the tall tales about pussy and conquests had me rethinking the pact I'd made with myself to wait until I was married.

It was the day after Christmas, and me and the fellas had been to at least three dud parties, my homie with the car turned in early, so we were left to wander the streets on foot. It wasn't so bad, except every party we went to were so lame; bad systems, ugly chicks, no heat, you name it, and we had to deal with it.

After the fourth bad party, I'd had enough; I'm headin' home y'all, I told the fellas. No sooner had I gotten home than my oldest sis came through wanting me to attend a party a friend of mine was throwing up the street from my house.

Are you kidding? I asked her, I just took off my gear, and was in for the night. She pleaded and begged, we just need a male to escort us, you can come right back if you don't like it.

Okay I agreed, but who is we? She turned out to be a friend of hers, who was actually younger than I was. She was a slim but shapely honey brown complexioned chick named Allyson.

Seeing Allyson made me change my mind in a hurry, I got redressed and we headed to the party. I could now see why all the other parties were duds; everybody I knew was at this party. Now I wasn't known as much of a party goer, so most of them were surprised that I could even dance. But dance I could, and did, even ended up dancing with a few girls I'd had crushes on back in school.

The alcohol flowed, the music pumped,and I had a really good time. Sometime around 1:45 A.M. I had to go to the bathroom from so much brew drinking, and as luck would have it, so did Allyson.

I hadn't seen her since I'd gotten there since I was busy catching up with old flames, but later for that, I had to pee like a racehorse. We both reached the bathroom at the same time, and as I entered she ordered me out, but I had my fly unzipped and I was going nowhere.

Allyson stood defiantly in front of the toilet, telling me I had to go, or she might pee on herself, but I was going nowhere since I was in the same predicament. We both stood there squirming and holding ourselves.

Finally I went and locked the door, if you don't want to get peed on, I'd suggest you move. She reluctantly stepped aside, but made it a point to stand where she could watch me pee. At this point I didn't care as I let go what must've been a quart of pee. She stared as I continued, damn how much did you drink? she asked as I emptied my bladder. I was finally done and she pointed to the door, now get out, she said.

Uhh, I don't think so, you watched me pee, now I'm going to watch you; oh no you're not, I just met you, I'm not pulling my clothes down in front of you. Fine I said, if you think you can pee through your clothes, go for it.

She gave me a pitiful look, pleading with me to leave. Look, I said you can stand on your head, or get on your knees and beg, I don't care, if you would've turned your back that would be differesnt, but since you insisted on watching me, I'm watching you too.

She looked at me for a moment as I crossed my arms staring back at her. You're going to make me pee myself. I'm not making you do anything, the toilet is right there. She looked down at the floor and shook her head as she started unzipping her pants.

I thought you were a gentleman, she muttered. I am a gentleman, just one who's going to watch you pee, I smiles as shetugged at her jeans.

Well if you insist on watching, you could at least give me a hand. I watched for a moment as she struggled to pull her pants down. This is what you get for wearing these jeans so tight, I mocked.

Look this ain't funny anymore. I'm going to pee on myself, she moaned. Okay, I relented, you grab the back and I'll grab the front. We tugged as she wiggled her hips. Her jeans were so tight that her panties came down along with them.

Once we had her jeans down past her hips, we then struggled to get them past her thighs; I smiled as I knelt down to pull them further past her thighs.

Well I hope you're enjoying the view, she snapped. And yes I was, her bushy pubes were at my eye's level as we continued struggling to get them lower, I tried to maintain a straight face as she glared down at me as I inhaled her scent.

Ooh you are certainly no gentleman, she snapped again. Well the trouble we're both having with this, how in the hell do you think you'd manage this alone? She looked down at me for a moment. I guess you're right, but this is so embarrassing, I hardly even know you.

Well you know my sister right? So that's different, you're not her. So do you think she'd be helping you to pull your pants down right now like this? She gave me another sheepish grin as we slid her jeans down past her knees.

Okay you're right, I guess not, she then paused giving me a look at her pussy before she hurriedly sat down. She folded her hands on her lap blocking my view. I promptly brushed them away. Look I didn't hide myself from you, and you're not hiding anything from me either.

Besides, all I can see is a bunch of hair, at least you saw my dick. She again shook her head as she parted her legs as much as her jeans permitted.

I watched as her pee came out on a cone shaped stream; are you happy now? she asked in an annoyed tone. What do you think? I asked as I showed her the bulge in my jeans.

Oh no, don't even think about it, she protested.
Think about what? there's nothing to think about, I just continued watching as she emptied her bladder. You mind if I wipe you? I asked as the stream slowed to a trickle. Oh I'll bet you'd like that wouldn't you? she asked, mocking me again. Yeah, and I'l bet you would too, I mocked back.

Okay, go ahead, but hurry up, this feels so weird. I quickly wiped her and she stood up; okay now we have to get these back up. As she wiggled her hips, we had an even harder time pulling her pants up, mind you, I was in no hurry anyway. We finally got her jeans up and zipped, and she looked at me like I knew some dark secret; you're not going to tell anyone about this are? Before I could say a word, a loud knock came at the door; yo' hurry up in there, would ya?

Allyson's eyes grew as big as saucers, oh shit, too late know she said. We washed our hands and opened the door.

Damn yo; it was my friend who'd hosted the party, he laughed as we walked past him. Oh fuck, she muttered, I'll bet he tells everybody about this. Awe don't worry, about it, I reassured her with a kiss on the cheek. Yeah she she said with a smirk on her face; you'll be gone in a few days, but I'll probably never live this down.

We walked back downstairs to the party, and just as we did, a slow song was starting. I grabbed her hand and led her to the floor. As we danced, she ground her hips into mind. My dick was instantly hard again and I cupped her ass with both hands. She melted into my embrace and gently kissed my neck. We grinded like this for three songs, and I thought I was going to cum in my pants.

As the last song ended, the lights came on...A'ight the party's over, my friend called out.. Fuck I thought, I was just getting into the groove too.

Everyone gathered their coats and headed for the door. Hey lil' bruh, you gonna walk her home right? Are you out of your mind, it's two in the morning, she might as well stay the night with us. Well look I was anyway, but where is she going to sleep? Oh you let me worry about that, I replied. My big sis had no idea what had transpired and so was completly surprised when I suggested this. Boy mamma is gonna kill you if you don't get that girl home.

Tell you what, we'll both walk her home, that way I won't have to walk back alone, I said. Man you must be out your damn mind, I guess she will be staying with us tonight.

We were home in a matter of minutes, and I gently patted Allyson's ass as she entered the house. She gave me a subtle smile as she entered. We all kicked off our shoes and settled in the den. Allyson and I sat on the sofa sleeper, while big sis sat opposite us in a chair as we watched TV. the last show came on and soon the national Anthem was playing. Well, sis said, I guess that does it for me, I'm headed for bed. I gave the it's about time look as I motioned with my head. She flashed a big smile as she left the room. Damn, I said, I thought she'd never leave, Allyson just smiled as I got up to lock the door. Okay first things first, I said, we have to get you out of these jeans. Once again we struggled as she wiggled her hips to pull them down.

As she finally got her jeans down and off, she began unbuttoning her blouse. I couldn't believe it as I hurriedly stripped my clothes off. The light from the static snowflakes on the TV silouhetted her body as she finally got her bra off. I had not seen her ass, and as she stood, I realized how nice of an ass she had. My mind was racing a million miles per hr. I stood and embraced her again, cupping her ass as we kissed. Her ass was firm but soft as I squeezed and caressed each cheek, I ran a finger over her puckered little anus and she squirmed. As we climbed onto the sleeper I thought, now I'm about to become a real man.

I told myself , stay calm, don't get too excited, as she lay next to me. I gently caressed her entire body as we kissed; her breasts were small but perky as I kissed my way to them. She moaned softly as I took my time kissing and licking every inch of her breasts, as I gently rubbed her pussy. Parting through her dense pubes, I finally located her clit and she squirmed as I played with it.

Okay enough of this, I told myself as I climbed on top of her. She opened her legs wide as I entered her. Wow, I thought, all the times I'd masturbated was nothing compared to this, the heat and the tighness like nothing I'd ever imagined as I slid into her pussy inch by inch. I slid in and out, each time going deeper until I was inside her balls deep. Gently a began fucking her, I couldn't believe how tight she was.

I had to be as gentle as possible since my mother was just upstairs, actually it was better this was as I lasted about thirty minutes that first time, as each time I neared clymax, Allyson had begun moaning, so I had to slow down to keep her quiet. we fucked all through the night, and I made her come at least four times, with my kissing her each time she came to muffle her moans.

Afterwards we lay listening to each other's hearts beat before taking a long hot shower. I never did tel her she was my first, and it was just last summer when her name came up that I told my sister that she was my first. My sister recalled how she went on and on about me after I was gone. I never did get to see her again... After I got out of the military, she had moved away, but I never will forget Allyson. Every woman I'd ever been with, I always compared them to Allyson, she set the bar pretty high, and only a few have ever reached it


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WannaBeMarried #advice #sexadvice



I need help. My fiancé is the sweetest, kindest most thoughtful man I have ever met. Butttttt. he has a female best friend. They go everywhere together, they tell each other everything, they work together and are together in some way every day. He says that they are just friends and have been for over ten years. He is very attentive to me but if I call and she is around his tone changes. He always ends with I love you, unless she is around. And the only time he does not call on schedule is when he is with her. I've talked to some of my girlfriends about the situation and they think that I should talk to my fiancé's friend to feel her out. What do you think? Should I invest the rest of my life with this man?



C'mon you know what's up. Whenever a man is extra tight with a woman and calls her his friend it's because she has everything that he wants in a woman except one major thing.

That's why she's a friend.

But if she ever fixes that one thing she is missing you best believe she will…immediately…be moved out of the friend category.

Every friend that I had like that there was some form of intimacy although it was limited. So although your man is not doing girl every night he is doing something with her every now and then. Please don't play yourself and think that he is not.

I firmly believe that your spouse should be your best friend. It sounds like that place will not be filled by you. Can you deal with that? I'll answer that question for you since I know a little bit about you love.

You’re a Scorpio!!!!!!!!!!!

Ya'll don't play second fiddle. Period! If you're bothered're going to be livid when he's doing what he is now when you got his ring on your finger. You're pressed about being married; however, what you need to be concerned with is finding the best person for you dear.

And if you're asking this question then you should know he is not. The perfect relationship is easy. You don't have to put that much work into it.

In regards to talking to your fiancé's friend…I really don't think you should talk to her at all. What I would be curious about is which one of them has something wrong with them. Is it him? Or is it her?

If he is the one that is missing something you need to be very concerned... because if he can fix the it whatever it is she is going to take your man ring or not. The main question you need to ask yourself is can you share your man or not? Like I said…I don't think you can.

So you need to be talking to your dude and let him know that if you are going to be his wife that he needs to kick his friend to the curb. If you're not his everything what the hell are you going to wear his ring for?

If he can do that...marry him.

If he can' better not.

Because we can bet money right now that you won't be married long or you will be seriously cheating on him.

Whose your Daddy?