Monday, July 25, 2011

Is Apple Using Gift Cards to Prop Up a Sagging iBookstore?

The problem with the iBookstore is that it is anal in regards to the content that they will allow upon it. I own a iPhone4, iPad, iMac and MacBook. I'm also an established author. So when Apple announced the iBookstore I was very excited.

That excitement was dashed quickly, however, when the iBookstore approved only two of my books for sale on the store. I write erotica, and Apple felt that my covers and images inside of the books were just too much for their little hearts to take.

Two months later, the ibookstore informed me that upon...second thought...they were removing my book "I'm Shy...", from the iBookstore because the cover was just too hot for them to handle. I published a new book yesterday but with the flakiness of the iBookstore I'm not the least bit concerned with publishing any new work there and I encourage all of my readers to read my work on Amazon's Kindle and Barnes and Noble's Nook. I'm not the only publisher feed up with the iBookstore doing this. And there are many readers who realize that it's a very good chance that they won't find the book that they are looking for at the iBookstore.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Church Girls are Easy


My next book will be available at the end of the month on the Kindle and Nook and soon to follow at Kobo, Sony and soft cover edition.  I talk about church girls in this book.  You know the prime, proper santified ladies.  Not!

Church girls are the...biggest...freaks.  Don't believe me?  Then be sure to check out my next book.  If you'd like a preview, download my eBook, I'm at it again..., where I provide a ten thousand word preview of Church Girls and my next two books to follow that.  Just use one of the Nook or Kindle link below to get, "I'm at it again...", to read the preview.



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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Barnes & Noble Focuses on E-Books

"Barnes & Noble is doing a smart job of using their store traffic to build an e-book audience," said Mike Shatzkin, CEO of Ideal Logical Co., publishing consultants.

I disagree. I'm an author that derives the biggest percentage of my sales via Barnes & Nobles and a shareholder. I travel the country pretty extensively and I have been very disappointed at every store to find the "Nook Desk" (ie, area that usually sits in the entrance to the store displaying Nooks) underutilized by associates looking straight through you and not offering a demonstration of the product or worse not paying attention at all playing with the product.

I have a vested interest in Barnes and Nobel's success and I feel they could do a much better job pushing the products. In addition, B&N now offers free WiFi but every store that I have been in has limited seating that is not comfortable or seating only in the Cafe area.

This completely wastes the advantage of offering free WiFi and having a physical storefront. At best, I would say B&N is doing an "okay" job of using their store traffic to build an e-book audience. They would do much better if they focused on the two areas mentioned above.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

So you're gonna dump Netflix because of a $6 increase? Really?

I've been very amused reading all the people who are pissed off about Netflix decoupling it's streaming service from its DVD by mail.  Currently, I have both services but I rarely order DVDs by mail.  So I look at the change as a net savings for me because I'm going to go with the streaming only service.

Netflix is a great deal even with the price increase.  So for al you folks complaining out there that you're gonna dump Netflix where ya you think you're gonna go?  Redbox? Amazon Prime? Hulu?????  Really?

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

iRiver Story HD is first eReader with Google eBooks integrated

I'm in the process of getting all of my books on Google Books so I'm looking forward to a dedicated eReader for the store because it should boost sales.

Although I think iRiver missed the mark a bit by not making their device touch-screen enabled.


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