Thursday, March 27, 2008

My new baby....

Enlarge Image | Product Specs Panasonic AG-DVX100B
The arrival of the AG-DVX100B is an important and progressive step in supporting cost effective Standard Definition production. The AG-DVX100B is evidence of Panasonics commitment to recognize standar... Read More...

This is the year where I upgrade everything and first and foremost will the the purchase of my new baby...the Panasonic DVX100B.

As a spin off from my books, I shoot my own porn series with the content being sold exclusivly on the internet. With the purchase of my new baby, I will be upgrading my content and pressing it into DVD format that you can purchase at your favorite store where you get porn. :o)

This year I will also be ugrading my computer equipment, moving to the Mac upon which I will create audio book versions of all of my books and upgrading my x-rated internet show (Off the Chain Internet Radio) by a factor of ten.

Starting next month you can catch my show on Itunes and I promise that the video will be on and poppin!!!!!

I'm very excited about the new level of quality in the product that I will soon produce. Hopefully, you will be to. :o)